Albert IIOn the morning of March 21, 2013, His Majesty King Albert II of Belgium visited the Direction des Unités Spéciales de la Police Fédérale (CGSU) in Etterbeek.

According to the newspaper, La Dernière Heure, during today’s visit His Majesty:

“…received some explanations of the various disciplines within the specialized Direction des Unités Spéciales de la Police Fédérale and attended a working meeting.

Upon arrival, the King was greeted by four service members of the CGSU intervention, a diver, a sniper and a dog. After a meeting with the head of CGSU, the Chief Commissioner Roland Pacolet, and the hierarchy of the Police Fédérale, His Majesty received a gift and signed the guest book.

His Majesty was also informed about the work of the Victim Identification team (Disaster Victim Identification DVI), set up after the disaster of the Herald of Free Enterprise in 1987 and again recently with the requested rail disaster in Buizingen 2010 and the accident bus Sierre in Switzerland in 2012. The king also witnessed a demonstration of a series of methods and techniques, and specialized equipment that uses CGSU in various situations. Police intervention in cases of bank robbery has been simulated.”

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