Charlene Wittstock, the Midmar Mile, and A Lovely Charity Event in South Africa

On February 11, 2011, the future Princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, will attend a charity event at the St. Johns Diocesan School PMB, in South Africa, whereupon the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Special Olympics.  This event is also in connection with the Midmar Mile race which she will take part in this weekend (Saturday 12 and Sunday 13th.)

More information about the Midmar Mile as well as the charity event at St. Johns Diocesan is still coming in through the newswire… so stay tuned for more information.

Source:  TriBella House and Midmar Mile

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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Speaks Out About his Upcoming Marriage: “I Look Forward to It!!”

Several days ago HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco was in St. Moritz for the 3rd Annual Bobsleigh Monaco Historic Race. After the event was over the Prince Albert decided to hang around lovely St. Moritz for a day of skiing.

The Swiss online newspaper, Schweizer Ferneshen, caught up with the Prince during his stay and asked him about his upcoming marriage to Miss Charlene Wittstock, the challenges the couple will face, and fertility.

Yes, I said, fertility.

Per the article and video here is what Prince Albert had to say:

‘We have no time to be nervous, I have a lot to do, not just the wedding preparations, but also a lot of administrative duties,’ he says.

For someone like Albert of Monaco, who was long considered womanizer, the wedding is a big step. Nevertheless, his wishes for the future remain modest and realistic. He was already very happy, but ‘…the wedding is a further step, which I am very happy.’

Our time is complex and challenging as it is important for my life partner to be a reliable support to meet these challenges,’ said  Prince Albert. ‘I know that there will be obstacles, but that happens for all couples in this world.’

Prince Albert has finally found the right thing in Charlene Wittstock. A successor will make his happiness perfect, but the sports-loving Prince does not dream of having his own family football team. ‘I do not want to contribute to the overpopulation of the world. But, one or two would be a blessing.’

To watch the video of HSH Prince Albert speaking click the link: HSH Prince Albert blabbing about his upcoming marriage

Source: Schweizer Ferneshen Photo courtesy of: by Bauer Griffin

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Charlene Wittstock to Return to South Africa

The South African online newspaper, IOL News, is reporting that Miss Charlene Wittstock will return to South Africa next week to spend time with her family, friends, and to compete in a swimming race, the Midmar Mile.

According to the report, the Midmar Mile is the:

…largest open water swim event in the world and is famed for ambience and camaraderie. Wittstock said she had met Midmar race director Wayne Riddin when he was in Monaco and then started thinking about swimming a race at a social level but also to raise awareness and funds for the Special Olympics.

Miss Wittstock also noted that even though she is not in “…Olympic condition…” she is looking forward to the race.

Well, good luck to her and others participating in the race.

To read the article in its entirety please click the link: IOL News

Source: IOL News

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HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock Attend a Soccer Match in Monaco

On January 30, 2011, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco along with his fiancee, Charlene Wittstock attended the French League One soccer match at the Louis II Stadium in, where else, Monaco.

Looking as if they were freezing their okoles off, the couple cheered on Team Monaco against their opponent, Team Marseille. Not sure who won the game at this time, but when I find out I am sure you will be more than happy, no?

Also, I have to say this because, well, I just do.  That thick coat Miss Wittstock is wearing… yeah… um… it’s not doing her any favors if you know what I mean.

There.  I said it.    🙂

To view more photos from tonight’s event please click the link below.   🙂

Source and Photos courtesy of: Day Life by REUTERS/Eric Gaillard.

***Credit given to Bystander, from Royal Dish, for finding this information and photos first!  Merci!

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The Grimaldi Forum Exhibit: The Magnificence and Grandeur of Royal Houses in Europe

This summer the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco will host a special exhibit honoring the many royal houses in Europe.

Per the official website for Monaco:

This summer the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco largest and most versatile event space will showcase three centuries of historic European monarchies with The Magnificence and Grandeur of Royal Houses in Europe exhibition. From July 11 through September 11, 2011, this one-of-a-kind event will provide visitors with a unique glimpse into the imperial homes of Europe’s most powerful and respected leaders and couples.

Never before seen as a collection, more than 600 artifacts will be on display within 2,500 square meters, providing a true ‘tour of Europe,’ which will allow visitors to explore the lives, roles and passions of personalities and couples who have marked the history of their dynasties and their countries.

Royal houses represented include Denmark, Spain, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and much much more.

To read more about this exhibit and the other royal houses, past and present, represented in this exhibit please click the link: Visit Monaco

So, if you happen to live in the area or will be visiting the South of France and/or Monaco check out the exhibit if you can.

Source: Visit Monaco

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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock Attend the Sainte-Dévote Festivities at the Cathedral of Monaco

On January 27, 2011, HSH Prince Albert II and his fiancée, Charlene Wittstock, attended mass at the Cathedral of Monaco this mid-morning in celebration of Sainte-Dévote.

The couple, along with hundreds participants, were celebrating the patron saint of Monaco and of the Grimaldi family.  Following the mass there was a procession to the Palais Princier de Monaco whereupon the Archbishop blesses the Palais for luck, love, and harmony.

During the blessing, HSH Prince Albert II and Charlene made a balcony appearance whereupon they prayed, waved to the crowds, and of course smiled.

More information about the Sainte-Dévote festivities are coming in through the news wire so stay tuned for hourly updates.

To view more photos from today’s activities please click the link:

Photos courtesy of: Day Life by Christian Alminana/Getty Images, REUTERS/Gaetan Luci/Palais Princier, VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images, REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

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The Princely Family of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock Attend the Celebration of the Festival of Sainte-Dévote

Well, it certainly has been quite busy for the Princely family of Monaco and for Miss Charlene Wittstock these past few days, and for royal watchers it has been a treat.

This evening, January 26, 2011, HSH Prince Albert II, Princess Caroline, and Miss Charlene Wittstock attended the celebration of the Festival of Sainte-Dévote, the patron saint of the Princely Family of Monaco, the Monégasques, and the Diocese of Monaco. Sainte-Dévote is also the patron saint of the island of Corsica.

Here is the story/legend of Sainte-Dévote:

Tradition holds that she was a Corsican woman born around 283 AD at Mariana. A young virgin, she had decided to devote herself fully to the service of God. By order of the prefect Barbarus, she was imprisoned and tortured for her faith. She was martyred at Mariana by being stoned to death.

After her death, the governor of the province ordered for her body to be burnt to prevent its veneration. However, it was saved from the flames by Christians. Her body was placed on a boat bound for Africa. Gratianus (Graziano), the boat’s pilot; Benedict (Benenato), a priest; and Apollinaris, his deacon; believed it would receive proper Christian burial there. However, a storm overtook the boat and a dove flew out from the mouth of the saint. The dove guided the boat to present-day Les Gaumates, today part of the Principality of Monaco, where a chapel dedicated to Saint George already stood.

Her body was discovered by fishermen. In her honor a chapel was built, which stands in Monaco still. Traditionally, flowers are said to bloom before their season on January 27, the saint’s feast day.

Today, the Princely family of Monaco along with the Monégasques and members of the Diocese of Monaco take part in a torchlight ceremony in front of the Sainte-Dévote church.  A boat is placed in front of the church whereupon the Princely family along with the attendees set the boat ablaze and celebrate.

Pretty cool.

Anyway, this was the first time Charlene Wittstock participated in this sacred event, and by all accounts she seemed to have enjoyed herself.


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Happy Birthday to Charlene Wittstock: The Future Princess of Monaco

On January 25, 2011, Miss Charlene Wittstock will celebrate her 33rd birthday.

Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa the 5’11” blonde would become a swimming star in her native homeland. According to the Palais Princier de Monaco, Charlene, “…developed a passion for swimming at a very early age. In 1996, at 18, she won the South African Championship.”

The dedicated and competitive Miss Wittstock was chosen to be apart of the South African Olympic swimming team. Overall, the South African swimming team came in fifth place.  Individually, Miss Wittstock never won an Olympic gold medal.  However, at the 2000 Marenostrum International Swim Meet in Monaco she did win gold and she gained the attention of one Prince Albert II who was, “…presiding over the international competition.”

Soon, the 5’11” blonde and the Sovereign Prince of Monaco soon began to date.


Six years later she made her first official appearance alongside the Prince at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.  Soon, the couple were attached at the hip… seen together constantly from official events such as the Monaco Red Cross Ball, the Monaco Grand Prix, Monaco Film Festival, and the Swedish royal wedding.

On June 23, 2010, HSH Prince Albert of Monaco announced to the world that he had asked Charlene to marry him.  Of course she said, yes, then he placed a massive diamond ring on her finger and official engagement photos were taken.

It is unknown how Miss Wittstock will spend the day (though she will attend the 35th Annual International Circus Festival in the evening), but what ever she does I am sure she will have a fabulous day with her family, friends, and her fiancé.

So there you have it!  Happy Birthday, Charlene!   🙂

Here are some facts about Charlene Wittstock per the Palais Princier de Monaco

  • Growing up in Africa heightened her awareness of problems linked to childhood.
  • Ms. Wittstock gave swimming lessons to underprivileged children throughout her career.
  • She has frequently accompanied His Serene Highness on his travels to support charitable works.
  • Since 2009, she has been Honorary President of Ladies Lunch Monte-Carlo.
  • Since 2010, she has been associated with the Nelson Mandela Foundation.
  • She regularly participates in fund raising events for charities such as Amfar.
  • Surfing is one of her favourite sports as well as hiking up mountains.
  • Reading biographies and ethnic poetry from South Africa
  • Contemporary art

Nice photos of the couple for you to gaze upon:

Here is an interview with Miss Wittstock and Prince Albert.  Click the link to view: You Tube

Photos courtesy of:

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Happy Birthday to HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover, HSH Princess of Monaco!

On January 23, 2011, HRH The Princess of Hanover, the Hereditary Princess of Monaco, Caroline, turned 54 years young.  The stunning eldest daughter of the late Prince Rainier III and the late Princess Grace of Monaco celebrated her day with family and friends.

With the loss of her mother in 1982 and with the loss of her father in 2005, Princess Caroline continued to forge ahead, but not without several personal as well as health problems.  She has been married three times, divorced once, currently separated, and a widow.  After the death of her husband, Stefano Casiraghi on October 3, 1990, Princess Caroline’s health began to deteriorate.  In 1996, she began to experience hair loss.  Soon, she lost it all.  Though she never confirmed it in public many doctors, commenting about her hair loss, believed the beautiful Princess suffered from Alopecia Totalis, an autoimmune disorder brought on by severe stress as well as genetics.

In time her hair grew back and her health began to vastly improve.

Today, Princess Caroline is the proud mother of four, and is quite active with various charities/patronages for the Principality of Monaco including:

  1. Les Ballets de Monte Carlo
  2. Amade Mondiale
  3. The Princess Grace Foundation
  4. Monte Carlo Opera
  5. The Spring Arts Festival
  6. The Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra
  7. The Red Cross

So, there you have it!  A CliffNotes version of HRH The Princess of Hanover, the Hereditary Princess of Monaco, Caroline.

Happy Birthday, Princess!   🙂

To watch various video interviews of Princess Caroline please click the link: A 1985 Interview with Barbara WaWa (Walters): Part OnePart TwoPrincess CarolinePrincess Caroline and Family (ABC News), Princess Caroline Marries Stefano and Another Interview


Photos courtesy of: by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment,Matthew Peyton/Getty Images North America, Pool/Getty Images Europe

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Monaco Has Been Officially Declared ‘The Safest Place in the World!!’ Oh Yeah, Prince Albert Was There

Yup that’s right!  Monaco has been officially declared the safest and most epic country in the world… according to Monaco’s Police Chief/Director of Public Security, Andre Muhlberger.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, looking fresh and relaxed after his exotic vacay trip to Egypt as well as his official trip to Lebanon, congratulated the Police force for a job well done.

In an article from today’s Monaco Telecom newspaper, Mr. Muhlberger notes, “…good figures for 2010…” ; however, he did state there were a wee of problems last year… but that’s not important.

It’s been shuffled under the rug.

Voila!  No problemos!

Everything is fine here.

Any who, there are several photos of HSH Prince Albert II and the entire police force from today’s announcement.  To view the photos please click the link: Monaco Telecom

In case you were wondering, Miss Charlene Wittstock did not attend the event.

Source: Monaco Telecom

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Princess Antionette of Monaco Turns 90 years old

On January 8, 2011, Princess Antoinette of Monaco, sister of the late HSH Prince Rainier III of Monaco, celebrated her 90th birthday.

Many of her friends and family were there including HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover and HSH Princess of Monaco.

To view more images please click the link below.

Source and photos courtesy of: Nice-Matin by PHOTOPQR/NICE MATIN/OLIVIER OGERON

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