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His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands Opens the Newly Restored Lely Campus in Maassluis.

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Mr. Henk Staghouwer, opened the newly restored Lely Campus in Maassluis.

Established in 1948, by brothers Cornelius van de Lely and Arij van der Lely, the company develops high-quality robots and data systems that increase animal welfare, flexibility, and production in the dairy farm business. 

After the opening, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander was given a tour of the facility whereupon he learned how the products are being developed on the Lely Campus for the dairy farm of the future, in which sustainability and circularity play a central role. His Majesty and Minister Staghouwer also drank fresh milk. Yay.

Photos courtesy of Lely/RVD

Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Visits the TextielMuseum in Tilburg

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands visited the TextielMuseum in Tilburg.

According to RVD, the craftsmen and craftswomen are currently making the new curtains for the Chinese Hall at the Paleis Huis ten Bosch, Their Majesties residence in Den Haag.

The day began with a visit to the TextielLab, which specializes in textile research and production, Her Majesty was informed about the machine embroidery process by specialist, Mr. Frank de Wind. Her Majesty also spoke with a trainee who informed Her Majesty about the various techniques in “…applied embroidery stitches and the careful search for the right color use of yarns.”

Her Majesty Queen Maxima also learned about hand embroidery from the project leader, Bea, as well as members of the Queer Needle Circle an embroidery group from Arnhem, and master from embroiderer, Ms. Anna Bolk, who supervised the embroidery groups process.

Towards the end of her visit, Her Majesty Queen Maxima participated in an embroidery session.

Photos courtesy of TextielMuseum/RVD

Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Attends the VNO-NCW Conference, Financial Health of Employees.

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands attended the VNO-NCW conference held at the Deloitte in Rotterdam.

During today’s conference, held under the theme, Financial Health of Employees, Her Majesty Queen Maxima gave a speech whereupon she spoke about the financial stress amongst employees in the Netherlands and internationally:

“Eight percent of all households in the Netherlands have problematic debts.  Almost half of them have a working breadwinner. And that is very often employees! Four out of five employers have to deal with financial problems among their staff and this is even common in a quarter of the employers!

And this is happening in all sectors. We see the problem in all types of businesses.

The urgency is great. Think of the price increases for energy and food that households are confronted with. They make it even more difficult for many to make ends meet.

Also think of the digitization of the economy and the payment system. Buying is getting easier. The temptations get bigger, the overview gets smaller.

When there are financial problems, households wait an average of five years before they dare to knock on the door for help. Then there are on average 14 different creditors and the debt has risen to an average of 43,000 euros. Of this, 67 percent consists of additional costs and interest!

Early detection is therefore crucial. And you can play an important role in this. In the interest of your employees. And for your own sake!

After all, we know what financial stress does to people’s productivity. It drops by 20 percent. We know the consequences for absenteeism due to illness: seven extra days of absenteeism per year. We also know the mental consequences. Lack of concentration, gloominess, isolation and increased risk of dropout and burnout.

At a time when many companies are struggling with staff shortages, the financial health of employees deserves full attention. You want to keep your people healthy and motivated.

You can do a lot because you are close to your employees. Who does not have a colleague who no longer goes on holiday, or who withdraws from social contacts. Someone to whom you can see that there are concerns. We know the signs: loss of job satisfaction, irritability, less productivity, more frequent calls in sick, up to a wage garnishment.

During this meeting I would like to achieve the following together with you.

First: Awareness. This problem concerns all of you. And you can really do something!

Second, to form a platform that helps each other pick up signals early. That develops data, so that we know whether we are going in the right direction. And above all: in which we learn from each other which interventions work. Think of coaching, or savings options or a quick referral to external care providers.

I know we have to respect the privacy rules. But let’s see what is possible with respect for privacy to support employees more.

I am very pleased that a large number of companies are joining forces and forming a platform to get started with this. Really amazing.

It will be a platform for companies by companies.

My wish is that in a few years’ time I will be able to proudly tell abroad how Dutch companies have made a difference in their own country. How they formulated goals for themselves. And how they arrived at national objectives together.

But above all, I wish you healthy, motivated and productive employees, without financial stress. People who feel committed to your company and who want to continue to work for it.

Thank you.

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Photo courtesy of RVD

HM King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands Gives a Speech During at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe 

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands gave a speech during the summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France.

Established in 1949, the Council of Europe was founded on the values of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.  Today, there are forty-six member states and six Observer States including the Holy See, Israel, Japan, and the United States to name a few.

The Council of Europe also advocates the:

“…freedom of expression and of the media, freedom of assembly, equality, and the protection of minorities. It has launched campaigns on issues such as child protection, online hate speech, and the rights of the Roma, Europe’s largest minority.

The Council of Europe helps member states fight corruption and terrorism and undertake necessary judicial reforms. Its group of constitutional experts, known as the Venice Commission, offers legal advice to countries throughout the world.”

In his speech, His Majesty spoke about the ongoing war in Ukraine as well as the importance of protecting journalists and the media stating:

“Another issue that requires fresh focus is the protection of journalists. In 2015 the Council of Europe launched a platform to offer journalists better protection against threats and violence.

Responsible journalism is indispensable in a free and democratic state governed by the rule of law. Journalists who work in good faith to expose wrongdoing deserve our support. It is good to see the Council of Europe standing up for them.”

After his speech, His Majesty met with young adults from the European Youth Center (EYC) whereupon they spoke about their involvement in the work of the Council of Europe and two youth campaigns.

Photos courtesy of RVD/K.van Weel

Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Visits the Maxima College in Ridderkerk.

On the afternoon of June 9, 2022, Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands visited the Maxima College in Ridderkerk.

During today’s visit, Her Majesty spoke with the director of the Maxima College as well as various coordinators, teachers and parents about the design of education at the Maxima College. Her Majesty also met with students of the Maxima College and toured various classrooms.

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Photos courtesy of RVD

Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Opens the Majoor Bosshardthuis in Amsterdam.

On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands opened the Majoor Bosshardthuis (Major Bosshardt House of the Salvation Army) in Amsterdam.

The historic house was the residence of the late Major Alida Bosshardt where she received “…vulnerable people from the center of Amsterdam…” according to RVD.

Major Bosshardt was and is a well-known figure for her dedication to helping people as well as for her work with the Salvation Army:

“…with boundless energy, determination, and creativity, she gave concrete form to her faith by dedicating her life to the service of vulnerable people in our society. Her motto was ‘to serve God is to serve people and to serve people is to serve God’. “

During today’s opening, Her Majesty Queen Maxima attended a meeting in the Oude Kerk in which she learned about the life of Major Alida Bosshardt.

Thereafter, Her Majesty officially opened the Majoor Bosshardthuis and unveiled a wax figure of Major Alida Bosshardt. Her Majesty was also given a tour of the Bosshardthuis where she met with staff and spoke with “…visitors of the center…”

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His Majesty King Willem-Alexander Opens the Elaad Test Lab for Electric Vehicles

On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands opened the Elaad Test Lab for electric vehicles in Arnhem.

In the test lab, electric passenger cars, vans, and trucks are tested with current and new charging machines. According to a press release via the Elaad Test Lab the “…influence on the electricity network, especially for (fast) charging of trucks, is also an important focus of the test lab…”

After the opening ceremony, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander was given a tour of the facility. During the tour, His Majesty was informed about the:

“…smart collaboration between electrical devices, which optimizes energy consumption in and around the house, and on the sustainable charging of vehicles at times when there is a lot of power from sun and wind. Good cybersecurity of charging stations is also discussed in order to guarantee the stability of the power grid.”