(VIDEO) HM King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands Attends the Start of the National Commemoration Year 1572.

Photo courtesy of RVD

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands attended the start of the National Commemoration Year 1572 held at the Sint-Catharijnekerk in Brielle.

According to RVD, the celebrations will focus on, “…four values ​​that have been at stake since the Eighty Years’ War: Freedom, Tolerance, Solidarity and Diversity, with attention to their current context.”  On April 1, 1572, the Watergeuzen captured the port of Den Briel. In an article from Arts and Culture the take over of Den Briel marked a:

“…turning point in the uprising of the Low Countries against Spain in the Eighty Years’ War. Militarily the success was minor as the port of Brielle was undefended, but it provided the first foothold on land for the rebels at a time when the rebellion was all but crushed, and it offered the sign for a new revolt throughout the Netherlands which led to the formation of the Dutch Republic.”

During yesterday’s event, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander unveiled the memorial stone, Brielle 450 years Firstling of Freedom. The king also received the “…first copy of ‘Willem van Oranje in Letters: The Revolt in 1572’, presented by the chairman of the 1572-Municipalities Partnership.”

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