Mr.S Bern

A longtime and close friend of the Princely family of Monaco, royal historian and French journalist, Mr. Stéphane Bern, revealed the alleged name of Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover’s grandson born on March 21, 2013.  So, what is the baby’s alleged name?  Sacha.  Mr. Bern attended the 2013 Bal de la Rose and tweeted the alleged name after the gala evening ended.

Now, if the name is indeed Sacha, the parents, Mr. Andrea Casiraghi and Ms. Tatiana Santo Domingo, could change their minds at the last-minute and rename their baby either Chuck, Stanley, or River Ocean Blue. Or, perhaps the baby’s name isn’t Sacha at all.  Perhaps Princess Caroline gave Mr. Bern a fake name (though I sincerely doubt she would) just to throw him off.  Who knows.  In time we shall definitely know…   🙂


  1. it would be very strange name for royal baby of Monaco.. I think that name should be something french or something like that, but not Russian..

  2. really? I didn’t know that. but in that way, baby’s name should be Alexandre, but not Sacha. hm.. I don’t know.. I still think that it’s very strange choise..

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