Euronews is going all out with the highly anticipated upcoming princely wedding between H.S.H. Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock, and this afternoon they released another news report about the future princess.

Click here to watch.   Plus, yet another report here.

Photo courtesy of: News Pictures


  1. Hello from Australia, I have been waiting for this day for a long time, as I always loved the girls and of course Princess Grace, watched them growing up as I am a young 60 yr old. Did not see much of Albert until now, however it is very exciting for me to see him getting married to such a wonderful and also very beautiful girl. I will be looking for Caroline as she was always the one i followed growing up, also her sister and father. best wishes to you all and have a wonderful wedding day, marilyn from Down Under. We will have a glass or two to celebrate here.

      1. Thank you soo much for your reply, I have been excited all day and do hope that people will focus on the couple having a wonderful wedding day and not on what the media is saying, God bless you Prince Albert and Charlene, what a beautiful girl she is, he better look after her, otherwise we will be coming to get him, lol, marilyn ps. I have been cooking all day, we will watch it at home on the big screen if everything goes ok.

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