‘Mariage à Monaco’ with Stéphane Bern: A Video Report

Here is a video report from Stéphane Bern (the prince’s close friend and journalist) details, via photos, the life of Prince Albert II of Monaco and his fiancée, Charlene Wittstock.

Click here to watch.  Yes, it’s in French.  Sorry.   🙂

Photo courtesy of: Hola.com

Monaco Princely Wedding: Euronews Wedding Schedule

Here is the Euronews wedding schedule for the princely wedding. Second, I am still receiving information, via Email, regarding the wedding  so I will be updating.

Also, I will post all the new online streaming links, information, and other crap collectively on June 30, 2011 so you won’t have to search here, there, and everywhere on TRC.    🙂

Euronews or Euronews NC 

Bookmark both links.

Your hosts will be Isabelle Kumar and Laurence Alexandrwicz.  Yes, they speak English so don’t freak-out.   The duo will cover everything under the sun until you just cannot take it anymore.

    • June 29, 2011: A barrage of all things princely wedding mania in Monaco.  Meaning there will be a special about the up-coming events, a portrait of the couple, the wedding preparations, and much more.
    • June 30, 2011: A incredibly long segment about the wedding including who the guests will be, the menu, the wedding dress.  Then there will be a review about the economy of the principality of Monaco, merchandising at the wedding, last minute preparations and finally an interview with J.M. Jarre.
    • July 1, 2011: 5pm the civil wedding will be broadcast live from the Throne Room in at the Palais Princier de Monaco.
    • 5:50pm: Live balcony appearance wave-a-thon where the Brass Band will play “Charlene’s Anthem” for the first time. Then on the giant screens in the Palais square the AC monogram will appear.
    • 6pm: Live cocktail reception at the Palais square (link)
    • 8pm: Reception at the port (link)
    • 10pm: Jean Michel Jarre concert at Port Hercule (link)
    • July 2, 2011: Live beginning at 5pm
    • 6:30pm: CET Live the driveby wave-a-thon through Monaco in their new Lexus.
    • 9pm: Guests arrive for dinner (link)
    • 10pm: Fireworks (link)
    • July 3, 2011: Re-cap of the entire two-day wedding extravaganza on Euronews.  You’ll probably be sick of it by then.
Source: APN

Photo courtesy of: Hola.com

Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert II of Monaco: The Swedish Interview

A couple of days ago I mentioned that the Swedish channel, TV4, would be airing the Monaco princely wedding live on Swedish television along with an new interview with the couple.

Well, here is the Swedish interview; roughly 6:15 minutes.  Click here to watch.   

Finally, it seems that TV4 will stream the wedding live online so you might want to bookmark the link here.