Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands Attends the 64th Annual Holland Festival

On June 2, 2011, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands attended the 64th Annual Holland Festival in Amsterdam.  The queen officially opened this performing arts festival where she was greeted by the people in attendance with cheers and flowers.

According to the official website for the festival, which began in 1947, the event:

… present[s] exceptional work at the international level. Since 2005, artistic director Pierre Audi has taken the Holland Festival back to its roots: a mix of all the performance arts, a mix of big names and daring experiments.

Music theatre and music are at the heart of the programme, with Western and non-Western art forms going hand in hand. Besides the performing arts (theatre, music theatre, dance, opera and music) there is plenty of room for the visual arts, literature and architecture.

After she was welcomed and opened the event Her Majesty attended the performance of Mea Culpa, by Christoph Schlingensief:

…this ready-made opera about life, death and mortality, containing a multitude of layers and perspectives. The music ranges from Wagner to Roy Orbison. The references extend from Joseph Beuys to Friedrich Nietzsche. Mea Culpa is a production of the Burgtheater in Vienna.

The event runs through June 26, 2011.  So if you happen to be visiting Amsterdam before the festival closes or if you live in the area why not check it out.  It sounds like an amazing event that should not be missed.

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Sources: De Telegraaf and Holland Festival.nl

Photo courtesy of: Koninklijkhuis.nl by Vincent Mentzel

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco Visits Estonia: Day One

On June 2, 2011, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco arrived in the Baltic country of Estonia.  The prince was officially welcomed at Kadriorg Palace, in Tallinn, Estonia, by President Toomas Ilves, his wife Evelin, and the Prime Minister, Andrus Ansip.

After the myriad of handshakes, smiles, pats on the back, and posing for photos it was down to business.  The purpose of the visit is to discuss bilateral relations between Monaco and Estonia.  Moreover, the opportunity to “… intensify them as well as to discuss environmental issues.” 

After formal discussions were over, Prince Albert II bolted out of the palace to see the city of Tallinn and all it has to offer.  The prince had a chance to visit the KUMU Art Museum, check out the epic Electric Car Rally where he talked with the race participants.  After all the chit-chat, the prince officially opened the Tallinn – Monte-Carlo Race:

The aim of the electric race is to re-establish the tradition of the historic race between Tallinn and Monte Carlo, to promote environmentally friendly electric vehicles and connect northern and southern Europe with environmentally friendly roads covered with electric plugs for electric vehicles

Then the prince unveiled a beautiful bench “…dedicated to Grace Kelly…” and attended an awards ceremony there after.  From there he shuffled on over to the Old Town Educational College, and finally attended a charity dinner at the Estonia Opera House.

Tomorrow, Prince Albert has another packed and arduous day.  What will he do you may ask?  Well, he walk through the old town in Tallinn and finally have a meeting with the Prime Minister, Andrus Ansip.

To view photos from today’s activities please click the links here and here.

Source:  ISRIA and News24

Photo courtesy of:  Daylife by Reuters/Ints Kalnins