Their Majesties King Albert and Queen Paola of Belgium to Attend the Monaco Princely Wedding. Plus Other News

There were some speculations as to whether or not Their Majesties King Albert and Queen Paola of Belgium would attend the princely wedding in Monaco on July 1 and 2, 2011.

Well, it has been confirmed.  According Monaco-Matin, via the Palais Princier de Monaco, the king and queen will attend along with H.R.H. Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium, T.R.H.s Prince Laurent and Princess Claire, and H.R.H. Princess Astrid.

To view the updated royal guest-list please click here and scroll down.

Also, to watch a video about the wedding preparations please click the here.  Push the “play” button and roughly a minute and a half into the program the information about the wedding will begin.  If you are having trouble viewing the program, all I can say is sorry.  🙂  Finally, the link will most likely air the princely wedding on July 1 and 2 so you might want to bookmark it if you live outside of France and Monaco.

Source: Monaco Matin

H.R.H. Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan Visits Germany

H.R.H. Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan is currently in Germany for a three-day official visit to mark “… the 150th anniversary of the Japan-Germany amity treaty.”

The crown prince was greeted by the German President, Christian Wulff, when he arrived at Bellevue Palace in Berlin.  The crown prince also had a chance to visit the Berlin State Library where he viewed many valuable documents including the “…Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation between Japan and Prussia from 1861…” 

In the evening, Crown Prince Naruhito dined with local dignitaries as well as with the German president and his wife at Bellevue Palace.

To watch a news report, in German, please click the link here.  To view photos please click the link here.

*Side note: There seems to be somewhat of a confusion regarding how long H.R.H. Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan will visit Germany.  Some sources note that it is a two-day visit while other claim that it will be three to four days.  Though you should know.  🙂

Source and photo courtesy of:  DL by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Monaco Princely Wedding: Another Day, Another French Interview, and Another Article This Time from the New York Times

With nine days to go before Charlene Wittstock and H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco tie the knot in two lavish ceremonies in Monaco, the couple spoke to the press (actually a month ago)… again.  This the article/interview from the Monaco Times… in English.  Click here to read.

Finally, the New York Times, has an article about the upcoming wedding and the future princess of Monaco.  Journalist, Elaine Sciolino, initially requested an interview with Miss Wittstock, but was immediately turned down by the Palais Princier de  Monaco representatives.  So, instead Ms. Sciolino spoke to Jenny Crwys-Williams, a radio host from South Africa’s Talk Radio 702.  It was Ms. Crwys-Williams who interviewed Miss Wittstock, at length, when she was in South Africa for the Midmar Mile race earlier this year:

I thought she was one of the most anxious people I have ever met…She was absolutely terrified of saying the wrong thing and falling foul of the terrible women in the palace.

Ms. Sciolino also reports about the negativity directed towards Miss Wittstock by the tabloid press and others. Amazingly, Ms. Sciolino has even managed to find the rare documentary, Albert: L’Autre Prince, where the future princess gave one of the most cringeworthy interviews in royal history  (you know the infamous interview where she was asked if she was Catholic or Protestant whereupon Miss Wittstock replied, “Je suis Christian!”   And, at that point every royal watcher gave themselves a face palm and shook their heads.  Yeah, that interview.)   🙂

Since then, the soon-to-be princess has been given serious training when it comes to speaking to the media.


The New York Times article is an interesting read, though not exactly a groundbreaking piece of journalism (meaning Ms. Sciolino won’t be winning a Pulitzer Prize anytime soon.) Furthermore, the contents of the article are incredibly repetitive especially for those who are seasoned royal watchers.  Click here to read.  

To watch the infamous Albert: L’Autre Prince interview click the link here.

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