‘Charlene Wittstock: Her Own Princess’

Once again Euronews has provided another video news report about the Monaco princely wedding.  Their latest report, from yesterday, focuses on the future princess of Monaco, Charlene.  Click here to watch.   Finally, another report entitled, Monaco Dismisses Pumpkin Notions (strange title, if you ask me.)  Click here to watch.  Photo courtesy of: Bunte.de

Royalty Inside: ‘Charlene & Albert’ Two Video Reports

Royalty Inside is a German program that recently spoke about the upcoming princely wedding in Monaco.  The program is in German and there are no sub-titles… sorry.  Click here to watch.   Finally, here is a video report from ZDF entitled, Royal Wedding in Monaco, about the late Princess Grace, Prince Rainier, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert… Read More Royalty Inside: ‘Charlene & Albert’ Two Video Reports