Royal Ascot: Day Two

On June 15, 2011, is day two of the famous Royal Ascot in Ascot, Berkshire and once again there are many photos for your viewing pleasure.

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Photo courtesy of:  AP Photo/Alastair Grant

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco Makes a Surprise Visit to Monte Carlo’s Cardio-Thoracic Centre

On June 9, 2011, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco made a surprise visit to Monte Carlo’s Cardio-Thoracic Centre where he spent time with a five-year-old Iraqi refugee recovering from heart surgery in Monte Carlo.

According to a press release from the UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency:

The Monaco leader called on Basim Omar Basim last Thursday at the Cardio-Thoracic Centre, where the infant underwent a life-saving operation earlier this year under an accord between UNHCR and the Mediterranean principality’s Office of International Cooperation. The boy had had a first operation in Monaco in 2009, but needed to return for more surgery this year.

Basim was chosen for surgery when two doctors from Monaco, François Bourlon, a cardio-thoracic pediatrician, and orthopaedic surgeon Tristan Lascar, were flown to Damascus by UNHCR and the Monaco government in 2009 to examine Iraqi refugee children in need of medical treatment not available in Syria.

The boy was flown free of charge to Monaco by the Aviation Sans Frontieres charity. Funds for the medical programme were raised in 2008 by various charity groups to mark Prince Albert’s 50th birthday. UNHCR has been handling administrative and logistical aspects of the programme as well as working with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to identify children in need of care.

Basim was born in Syria after his family fled Iraq in 2006 because his father had received several death threats and his shop was bombed. The boy was diagnosed with a genetic heart disease that required surgery in Syria when he was only one. He had a second operation in Monaco in July 2009.

“We are very pleased with this partnership,” said Philippe Leclerc, UNHCR’s representative for France and Monaco. “We hope that more medical evacuations will follow in the near future,” he added. A second refugee child is expected to arrive from Syria in September for treatment at the Cardio-Thoracic Centre.

To read the rest of the press release as well as to view a photo please click the link here. 


Photo courtesy of: Madame Figaro 

‘The Royal Windsor Horse Show’: Yes, It’s Another Documentary For Your Viewing Pleasure, My Friends

The Royal Windsor Horse Show has been:

…an annual fixture for which the Royal Family have a great affection.

Held annually for five days in May or June in Windsor Home Park, the Royal Windsor Horse Show has always enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the Royal Family.

It began in 1943 with the founding of the Royal Windsor Horse Show Club which was set up to hold horse shows for charity. King George VI became its Patron and the first Royal Windsor Horse was held on 27 May 1944, attended by numerous members of the Royal Family including the King and Queen. Princess Elizabeth (now our current Queen) won the Single Private Driving on her pony Hans and Princess Margaret won the Wartime Utility Driving Class on the King’s Fell pony Gipsy.

The show steadily grew in popularity and size during the latter half of the 20th century and Royal involvement continued. The Queen became Patron in 1952, and two years later she donated The Queen’s Cup for Armed Services team jumping.

Her Majesty still attends each year along with other members of her family.(source)

With that being said, here is yet another documentary about the Royal Windsor Horse show with appearance and commentary from The Duke of Edinburgh.

Click the links and enjoy:  Part OnePart TwoPart Three, and Part Four.

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H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco Opens the ‘Monacology Eco-Village’ in Monaco

When most people think of Monaco the last thing that would come to their minds is a place that is environmentally friendly or promotes the super amazing healthy lifestyle of being a Vegan.  🙂   Furthermore, most people are unaware that H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco is known as the “Green Prince” for his life-long dedication to environmental causes and educating others about sustainable living.

Anyway, this year the prince once again opened up the Monacology Eco-Village in Monaco yesterday afternoon.  The purpose of this week-long event is to raise awareness about “…environmental issues and renewable energies” to the local youth “with fun and educational workshops.”  In the village, the youth are able to learn about the practice of waste sorting, the advantages of going organic, and so forth.

According to the newspaper, Monaco-Matin, in the varying booths at the event presenters discussed:

…green chemistry or deforestation of the planet. In another corner, a workshop proposes to create objects with recycled toilet paper rolls.  In the stand of exotic gardens, it demonstrated sensory tests with plants. While another taught how to encourage the youth to love their and consume more vegetables; moreover, to eat organic coupled with ‘eat green’.  Jason Hartman, the South African singer,  introduced his “garden” to the youth.  He explained to them that he grew his vegetables and aromatic plants in clods of earth surrounded by tires.

If you happen to live in or around Monaco or will be visiting the tiny country this week, why not stop by this great educational event.  It runs through June 17, 2011.   🙂

Source: Monaco Matin

Photo courtesy of: Monaco Matin by Eric Dulière

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco Attends ‘Liaisons au Louvre’ Charity Gala in Paris, France

On June 14, 2011, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco attended a charity gala entitled, Liaisons au Louvre, at the Musee du Louvre in Paris, France this evening.

All the extremely wealthy and well-heeled people from around the world were there including minor European royals and nobility, famous actors and artists.  The one person who was missing from this event:  Prince Albert’s fiancée, Charlene Wittstock.

There is an article in the Washington Post newspaper about tonight’s gala charity dinner, so please click the link here to read.  To view photos please click the links here and here.

Source: Washington Post