H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco Opens the ‘Monacology Eco-Village’ in Monaco

When most people think of Monaco the last thing that would come to their minds is a place that is environmentally friendly or promotes the super amazing healthy lifestyle of being a Vegan.  🙂   Furthermore, most people are unaware that H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco is known as the “Green Prince” for his life-long dedication to environmental causes and educating others about sustainable living.

Anyway, this year the prince once again opened up the Monacology Eco-Village in Monaco yesterday afternoon.  The purpose of this week-long event is to raise awareness about “…environmental issues and renewable energies” to the local youth “with fun and educational workshops.”  In the village, the youth are able to learn about the practice of waste sorting, the advantages of going organic, and so forth.

According to the newspaper, Monaco-Matin, in the varying booths at the event presenters discussed:

…green chemistry or deforestation of the planet. In another corner, a workshop proposes to create objects with recycled toilet paper rolls.  In the stand of exotic gardens, it demonstrated sensory tests with plants. While another taught how to encourage the youth to love their and consume more vegetables; moreover, to eat organic coupled with ‘eat green’.  Jason Hartman, the South African singer,  introduced his “garden” to the youth.  He explained to them that he grew his vegetables and aromatic plants in clods of earth surrounded by tires.

If you happen to live in or around Monaco or will be visiting the tiny country this week, why not stop by this great educational event.  It runs through June 17, 2011.   🙂

Source: Monaco Matin

Photo courtesy of: Monaco Matin by Eric Dulière