T.S.H.s Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco: Official Wedding Portrait

The Palais Princier de Monaco finally released the official wedding portrait of Their Serene Highnesses Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco this morning.

The image was taken in the courtyard, where the couple had their religious ceremony, on the grand marble steps.  In the portrait you will see the many of the royal guests including Kings, Queens, a Grand Duke, a Grand Duchess, Crown Princes, Crown Princesses,a head of state, an Earl and a Countess.  And, of course you will notice the bride’s parent’s and the groom’s sisters.

Finally, here is a nice photo of the couple during their first dance.  If you would like to view photos of the fireworks show please click the link here.   To view photos of the reception and guests please click here.

Photos courtesy of: Palais Princier de Monaco and Nice-Matin

Monaco Princely Family Princely Wedding

Monaco Princely Wedding Guest-List (Royals Only)

On June 30, 2011, the guest-list for the princely wedding in Monaco was released and just as we all expected there are a number of reigning and non-reigning royal and princely houses throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia represented.

New to the list are:

  1. H.R.H. Lalla Mariam and Lalla Soukaina of Morocco
  2. H.R.H. Prince Feisal al Hussein of Jordan
  3. H.R.H. Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand
  4. H.R.H. Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad of Bahrain
  5. H.H. Aga Khan IV
  6. H.S.H. Princess Ira von Fürstenberg
  7. H.I.R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia
  8. H.R.H. Prince Luis Alfonso de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou
  9. H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent
  10. H.M. King Letsie III of Lesotho
  11. Farah Pahlavi
  12. H.R.H. Prince Leopold of Bavaria
  13. H.R.H. Hereditary Prince Bernhard of Baden
  14. H.I.H. Grand Duke George of Russia

To read other royals on the guest-list please click the link here and scroll down.  

If you want to read the PDF press release version of the royal as well as dignitaries guest-list, via the Palais Princier, please click here.  

Here is the PDF press release for the celebrities attending.

Source: Palais Princier de Monaco press release

Monaco Princely Family Princely Wedding

Monaco Princely Wedding: Euronews Wedding Schedule

Here is the Euronews wedding schedule for the princely wedding. Second, I am still receiving information, via Email, regarding the wedding  so I will be updating.

Also, I will post all the new online streaming links, information, and other crap collectively on June 30, 2011 so you won’t have to search here, there, and everywhere on TRC.    🙂

Euronews or Euronews NC 

Bookmark both links.

Your hosts will be Isabelle Kumar and Laurence Alexandrwicz.  Yes, they speak English so don’t freak-out.   The duo will cover everything under the sun until you just cannot take it anymore.

    • June 29, 2011: A barrage of all things princely wedding mania in Monaco.  Meaning there will be a special about the up-coming events, a portrait of the couple, the wedding preparations, and much more.
    • June 30, 2011: A incredibly long segment about the wedding including who the guests will be, the menu, the wedding dress.  Then there will be a review about the economy of the principality of Monaco, merchandising at the wedding, last minute preparations and finally an interview with J.M. Jarre.
    • July 1, 2011: 5pm the civil wedding will be broadcast live from the Throne Room in at the Palais Princier de Monaco.
    • 5:50pm: Live balcony appearance wave-a-thon where the Brass Band will play “Charlene’s Anthem” for the first time. Then on the giant screens in the Palais square the AC monogram will appear.
    • 6pm: Live cocktail reception at the Palais square (link)
    • 8pm: Reception at the port (link)
    • 10pm: Jean Michel Jarre concert at Port Hercule (link)
    • July 2, 2011: Live beginning at 5pm
    • 6:30pm: CET Live the driveby wave-a-thon through Monaco in their new Lexus.
    • 9pm: Guests arrive for dinner (link)
    • 10pm: Fireworks (link)
    • July 3, 2011: Re-cap of the entire two-day wedding extravaganza on Euronews.  You’ll probably be sick of it by then.
Source: APN

Photo courtesy of: Hola.com

Monaco Princely Family Princely Wedding

Monaco Princely Wedding: 22 Reigning Royal Families to Attend?

According to the newspaper, Monaco-Matin, 22 reigning royal families from all over the world have confirmed their attendance to the upcoming princely wedding in Monaco on July 1 and 2, 2011 “There will be 22 heads of states or represented, and 22 families ruling royal or princely families…”

These confirmations were, well, confirmed by Paul Masseron, the Government Minister for the Interior in Monaco.  Furthermore, it was announced that, “…French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni have been invited. But, the Elysee has not yet sent an answer” said Paul Masseron.   Unfortunately, Mr. Masseron did not state which royal families accepted their invitations; however, we do know that the crown princely couple from Norway, H.R.H. Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje and H.R.H. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, and the entire Swedish royal family have confirmed their attendance to the princely wedding.

Finally, Mr. Masseron noted that sixteen non-reigning royal families will also attend including Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia (source).


To read the article in its entirety please click the link here. 

Source: Monaco Matin  Photo courtesy of: Bild.de

Monaco Princely Family Princely Wedding

New Information About the Upcoming Princely Wedding in Monaco: UPDATES!!

Several additions as well as new information regarding the upcoming princely wedding in Monaco was released this morning via the Palais Princier de Monaco.

According to the Palais Princier de Monaco, H.S.H. Prince Albert II and his fiancée, Charlene Wittstock, have decided that the band, The Eagles, will be one of the entertainment groups who will play for the Monegasque people on June 30, 2011.  The concert will be held at the Louis II Stadium and will last for at least two hours.

Second, on July 1, 2011, the people of Monaco are invited to watch the civil wedding live in the Palais Princier de Monaco square.  After the service the new princely couple will join their people at the Place du Palais for “…a buffet prepared by the Fairmont Monte-Carlo, with Mediterranean and South African dishes by Chefs from South Africa and Monaco.”

Third, new partners/sponsors of the wedding were announced.  They are: Perrier-Jouet Champagne and Mont Blanc.  If you are interested in purchasing official wedding souvenirs the Palais Princier de Monaco has a special page just for you.  Items for sale include a keyring, mugs, candles, plates, and much more.  Click here to learn more.  Also, the Palais Princier de Monaco has set up a Twitter and Facebook account for the upcoming marriage.  Click these links to view and/or join: Facebook and Twitter

Fourth, regarding the issue international broadcasting of the princely wedding to those living outside of Monaco and France.  According to the press release:

R&G Productions to host the live broadcast of the wedding of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Miss Wittstock.

Consequently, R&G will air the international signal for the wedding ceremonies for international distribution to all countries having so requested.

As host broadcaster, R&G Productions will also be in charge of supplying any additional technical resources and services requested by international broadcasters present at the event, as well as managing and catering for broadcasters with their own production and transmission resources at the TV compound.

Now, it was nice of the Palais Princier de Monaco press office to finally tell us (those interested in the upcoming wedding) who will host the broadcast; however, it really doesn’t help much to be honest.

Finally, according to the French newspaper, Nice-Matin, Miss Wittstock will have six bridesmaids and two groomsman all of whom are, “…the children of Monaco and the surrounding communities (Cap d’Ail, la Turbie, Menton, Beausoleil, Peille Roquebrune), accompany the couple.”

That’s sweet.  No, really it is.

More information will be released within the next few days, according to sources, so please stay tuned.   🙂

Anyway, we have less than 50 days to go, people… can you feel the excitement?!!  Thought so.   🙂

Source:  Palais Princier de Monaco and Nice-Matin

Photo courtesy of:  Nice-Matin via Palais Princier de Monaco and Zimbio.com by Amedeo M.Turello/Getty Images Europe

Monaco Princely Family Princely Wedding

Updates About the Upcoming Princely Wedding in Monaco

As you know there are only three and a half months until the big day in lovely Monaco. And, as you know, some detailed information about the wedding was released to the public a couple of weeks ago whereupon it was announced that Lexus would be the official sponsor/partner of the princely wedding.

Well, now it seems that another mega car company will be a sponsor/partner in the wedding. Who is it you may ask?  It’s BMW!

Yup, the famous German automotive company has the supreme honor of providing a myriad of lovely luxury limousines to “…carry the High personalities invited by the Principality during the festivities of Saturday the 2nd of July.” (Mariage Princier Monaco 2011)

Unlike the Lexus Hybrid (the LS600h) car that will whiz H.S.H. Prince Albert II and his bride, Charlene Wittstock, through the streets of Monaco after the nuptials on July 2, 2011, the BMW limos are not environmentally friendly.  Oh quel dommage.

Source: Mariage Princier Monaco 2011 Photo courtesy of: Zimbio.com by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe

Monaco Princely Family Princely Wedding

“Hey Ms. Swiss President, Would You Like to Come to My Super Awesome Princely Wedding?”

As you know the wedding invitations for the upcoming princely nuptials in Monaco between H.S.H. Prince Albert II  and Miss Charlene Wittstock were sent out a month or so ago.

Currently, several royals including T.R.H.s Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, T.R.H.s Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, and Sheikha Mozah of Qatar have confirmed their attendance. Moreover, several politicians have also confirmed; unfortunately, one prominent head of state will not attend.

It was announced this afternoon that the President of Switzerland, Micheline Calmy-Rey, declined to attend the princely wedding.

According to the Swiss newspaper, Swiss Info, the “…Ambassador to France and Monaco will attend in her place.”

To read the rest of the article in its entirety please click the link:  Article

Source: Swiss Info Photo courtesy of: Zimbio.com by Bauer Griffin

Monaco Princely Family Princely Wedding

Details About the Upcoming Princely Wedding in Monaco

With less than four months to go before the princely wedding in Monaco between H.S.H. Prince Albert II and Miss Charlene Wittstock, new information about the nuptials has been released.

First, the official website for the Palais Princier de Monaco has been redesigned (it looks a hellva lot better.)

Second, they decided to add more detailed information about the wedding including lots of pretty photos (even though there already is a separate website for the princely wedding come July 1 and 2, 2011 which you can view here) of the couple.

Per the Palais Princier de Monaco:


5.00pm: The civil wedding will take place in the Throne Room of the Prince’s Palace. It will be celebrated by Mr Philippe Narmino, President of the Council of State. Mr Philippe Narmino is the Ruling Family’s Registrar.
The Monegasques will be able to follow the ceremony on giant screens located on Palace Square. The Square will be accessible to Monegasques and their families from 4pm onwards.

5.50pm: After the ceremony, the newly-wedded couple will appear on the balcony of the Salon des Glaces in order to salute the Monegasques.

6.00pm: A cocktail buffet will be offered to the Monegasques on Palace Square. The Mayor of Monaco will present the gift of the Monegasques to the couple.

The Mairie of Monaco will send the invitations to the Monegasques during the second half of April.

8.00pm: The residents of the Principality will be invited to a reception on the Port.

10.30pm: A large concert will be offered by the newly-wedded couple on the Port. Jean-Michel Jarre will present a unique sound and light show.  A very large audience is expected. To this effect, the SNCF will increase its train services and the car parks will be free.


5.00pm: The religious wedding will take place in the Main Courtyard of the Prince’s Palace. Miss Wittstock will walk arm in arm with her father along a red carpet, from the Caserne des Carabiniers to the altar. Mass will be celebrated by Monseigneur Barsi. The gates of the Palace will remain open in order to allow around 3500 seated persons to follow the ceremony, which will be broadcast on giant screens on the Palace Square.

6.30pm: The couple will leave the Palace for the Sainte Dévote church in order for the Princess to leave her bouquet.
The public will be able to gather all along the procession route in order to congratulate the couple.  The procession will follow the avenue de la Porte-Neuve, avenue du Port and the boulevard Albert Ier, and will return to the Palace following the same route.   Giant screens will be installed in the Principality in order to enable the widest audience possible to follow the religious ceremony and the procession of the couple.

9.00pm: The official dinner, which will be followed by a ball, will take place at the Oceanographic museum.

Midnight: A fireworks display will conclude this dinner, which will also have various styles of music.
***Other information***

Friday 1st July and Saturday 2nd July will both be public holidays. However, in order to fulfil the expectations of the public, the restaurants and shops of the Principality will be able to remain open.  Exemptions will be examined for shops of over 30 employees.
Miss Wittstock and the Catholic religion

Miss Charlene Wittstock, who professes Christian faith, has been admitted through a free and personal decision into full communion in the Catholic church.

Wedding gifts

For Their wedding, the princely couple do not wish to receive gifts but request that donations be made to foundations and associations. The allocation of the donations received on the accounts specially opened to this effect will be communicated in September.

Wedding souvenirs

These will be available at the start of May.

Lexus — partner of the wedding

Through his involvement in the protection of the environment, the Sovereign has chosen a hybrid vehicle of the Lexus brand to ride to the Church of Sainte Dévote (the Patron Saint of the Principality), where the Princess will leave her bouquet. By a Sovereign Decision of 5th January 2011, the Prince granted the title of Official Supplier to this car manufacturer.



So there you have it.  You are now up to date with the upcoming princely wedding in Monaco.  And, I must say that I am happy to hear that the couple have decided to ask their guests to donate money or whatever it may be to charitable foundations.  Also, I am happy to hear that the Prince will be driven in a Hybrid car after the ceremony to the Sainte Dévote church.  However, if Prince Albert deems himself so environmentally conscious then why in the hell is he having a massive fireworks bruhaha?

To view the redesigned Palais Princier de Monaco website as well as to read more info about the wedding please click the link Palais.mc

You can watch the wedding live online here.

Source: Palais Princier de Monaco Photo courtesy of: Zimbio.com by Handout/Getty Images Europe

Monaco Princely Family Princely Wedding