T.S.H.s Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco: Official Wedding Portrait

The Palais Princier de Monaco finally released the official wedding portrait of Their Serene Highnesses Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco this morning.

The image was taken in the courtyard, where the couple had their religious ceremony, on the grand marble steps.  In the portrait you will see the many of the royal guests including Kings, Queens, a Grand Duke, a Grand Duchess, Crown Princes, Crown Princesses,a head of state, an Earl and a Countess.  And, of course you will notice the bride’s parent’s and the groom’s sisters.

Finally, here is a nice photo of the couple during their first dance.  If you would like to view photos of the fireworks show please click the link here.   To view photos of the reception and guests please click here.

Photos courtesy of: Palais Princier de Monaco and Nice-Matin

7 thoughts on “T.S.H.s Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco: Official Wedding Portrait”

  1. I noticed that too.
    I am also wondering what the “special relationship” with Luxemburg is, the G.D. is very prominent in the picture next to the direct family. As far as I know they are not very closely related. Friends perhaps?

  2. During the coverage of the Royal Wedding in Monaco I discovered your blog,it is like stumbling into a secret treasure trove of information…I look forward to reading your blog and enjoying all the wonderful photo coverage…it is all things royal heaven:)

  3. One guess on the Luxembourg connection could be the fact that they are also Catholic? Not sure if any of the other ruling heads are.

  4. The Belgians are also catholic. Can anyone tell us why the none of the Spanish royals were present?

  5. Luxembourg, along w/ Monaco, are members of the European League of Small States: Iceland, Andorra, San Marino & Lichtenstein are also members. So there is that aspect. Also, Luxembourg’s royal family are descended from Queen Astrid of Belgium, born the Princess of Sweden; and the Grimaldi’s and Swedish/Belgian royal family’s are related via their mutual ancestors Princess Maria of Baden, the Duchess of Hamilton. You also see the Presidents of Iceland and Ireland featured prominently, as both have close relations w/ Monaco.
    Spain’s royal family did not attend due to the continuing financial woes of their country. The government, to the fury of the King and Queen, turned down the invitation for them.

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