Monacogate: Aydiosmío!

And, the drama known as Monacogate (thanks to Royalty Online for that nickname) continues for Their Serene Highnesses Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco.

If you can read Spanish then grab yourselves some popcorn or Vegan oatmeal cookies and click here to read.

Sorry, but I don’t have time to translate the article for you.   🙂  However, here is a brief synopsis:

  • Albert’s ex and Baby Mama to his son, Alexandre, marched to the Palais Princier de Monaco screaming at the top of her lungs days before the princely wedding.
  • The Baby Mama demanded to see Prince Albert.
  • The guards refused to let her in.
  • Baby Mama acts like a lunatic.  Screams and cries.
  • Princess Charlene hears Baby Mama’s screams and orders the Palais guards to let the Baby Mama in.
  • The princess and the Baby Mama talk for a bit.
  • Baby Mama leaves.
  • The princess is stunned.
  • Then Baby Mama is photographed in Monaco (she doesn’t live there.  She lives in France)  — looking determined ,mad, and annoyed — two days before the princely wedding.
  • The Baby Mama is up to something.

Now, if this latest bit of information is true — which at this time is only a rumor let’s just get that out there — this saga in Monaco is better than a telenovela (Spanish soap opera) on the Univision network (a Spanish language network here in the U.S.).