‘Mariage à Monaco’ with Stéphane Bern: A Video Report

Here is a video report from Stéphane Bern (the prince’s close friend and journalist) details, via photos, the life of Prince Albert II of Monaco and his fiancée, Charlene Wittstock.

Click here to watch.  Yes, it’s in French.  Sorry.   🙂

Photo courtesy of: Hola.com

2 thoughts on “‘Mariage à Monaco’ with Stéphane Bern: A Video Report”

  1. Albert was an absolute doll as a little boy. Very sweet, as were Caroline and Stephanie.

    The thing that strikes me about Albert and Charlene is that they do not seem very intimate with each other. They seem more like friends marrying rather than being involved in a grand passion between soulmates. But if it works for them, then it works. C’est la vie!

  2. Also, I hope Charlene learns French soon! It would’ve been very impressive to see her speak it as fluently as Princess Maxima spoke Dutch when she became engaged to the Prince of Orange, Willem-Alexander.

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