swedenPer the Swedish royal court:

“After careful consideration and in consultation with the King and Queen, Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O’Neill have decided that their child will be born in New York. Birth is estimated at the end of February 2014.

Princess Madeleine and Mr. O’Neill kindly request the media to respect their wish for privacy during this special and joyous time.

Further information will be given at birth.

Svante Lindqvist
Marshal of the Realm”

Photo courtesy of Kungahuset


  1. I wonder how this will affect the child legally speaking. Will he or she still be called Prince or Princesses? Do they have rights to the Throne?

  2. The birthplace isn’t important. But a heir to the swedish throne has to be raised mostly in Sweden. As for her (it’s confirmed that the baby will be a girl) being a Princess, that’s the decision of the king (who would give her the Princess title) and her parents (who can decide if they even want a tite for their daughter.

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