Where to Watch the Monaco Princely Wedding on July 1 and 2, 2011 (International Audiences Only)

In exactly one week the princely wedding in Monaco will take place beginning with the civil ceremony in the Throne Room at the Palais Princier de Monaco on July 1, 2011.

For the past several months many living outside of Europe have been wondering, “Will the wedding be streamed online and where can I watch it?”  Well, I have just learned — via Visit Monaco Twitter — that the civil and religious ceremonies will be available to watch online via the official website for the Monaco princely family.

Here is the link.  Bookmark it.

Now, if for some reason that site crashes due to heavy traffic you can always check out  ZDF (beginning at 2:30pm Germany time) and/or Euronews.  If those sites crash as well… sorry.  Can’t help you.   🙂

Second, here is the list of countries that will air the wedding live on television and their links:

France:  You can read the information here. 

South Africa: SABC3 official site that will air the wedding.

Sweden: Read more about it here.

Germany: ZDF 

There is a good chance one of the networks in Italy will air the wedding.  Which one will it be, I have no idea at this time.

Finally, at this time none of the networks in the United States will air the wedding live on television.  Also, it is unknown at this time if TVMonde: ÉtatsUnis will broadcast the wedding as well.

Wedding Concert with Jean Michel Jarre:

If you are interested in watching the wedding concert with Jean Michel Jarre, on July 1, you can via Ustream here or here. 

As the wedding day approaches I am sure I will be updating and adding new information so stay tuned.   🙂

Sources: Visit Monaco and Palais.mc

Photo courtesy of: Palais.mc

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    1. Hi Mollie!

      Both the civil and religious weddings begin at 5pm sharp in Monaco. In NY that would be 11am I believe. 🙂

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