All You Need to Know to Watch and Enjoy Monaco Princely Wedding! Links and Online Streaming Galore!

Well, the day is finally here when H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco will no longer be the world’s most eligible bachelor. Finally, he is lucky enough to marry former Olympian, Miss Charlene Wittstock, after dating the future princess since… forever.

Anyway, here is the information you need order for you to enjoy the lavish two-day princely wedding festivities in Monaco.  If some of the links crash due to heavy traffic or simply do not work on your computer… don’t blame me.   🙂


Where to watch the wedding is my original post from June 25 regarding the links in order to watch the princely wedding online. Here are the links again:

  1. Palais Princier de Monaco and/or here. Or, try this link here! (Le Marriage Princier Live. The ceremony begins at 5pm in Monaco.  These three links I highly recommend so remember them.)
  2. Euronews (Here is my original post from June 26 which gives you the complete schedule for both July 1 and 2 ceremonies.  It’s a good idea to use both links just in case the link from the Palais Princier de Monaco crashes due to heavy traffic.***I wouldn’t count on Euronews. Their online streaming has been wonky.***)
  3. TV4 Play (Originally posted on June 26 when it was announced that the Swedish network would air the wedding live on July 2 only.
  4. ZDF (Germany will only air the religious wedding beginning at 5pm in Monaco.  Click to read my original report and to find out what time ZDF will begin airing their broadcast here. 
  5. France 2  or France 2  (You may be able to watch the religious wedding, on July 2 only, on either of these links if you live outside of France.  So far, I have been able to watch all of their videos without any problem.)
  6. UStream (Marriage Princier Live is the official channel on UStream where you can watch the latest videos and live contents from the princely wedding of H.S.H. Prince Albert II with Charlene Wittstock. Provided by Monaco Info.) 
  7. RTBF 
  8. CNN LIVE (Religious ceremony only beginning at 9am EST.  You should be able to find it.)    🙂

For those of you who live in France here is the complete schedule and links. 


Palais Princier de Monaco wedding program or if you cannot speak French click the link here for the English version.

Euronews Wedding Schedule beginning at 5pm July 1.  Or, if you are interested in watching behind the scenes reports you can begin watching their coverage on July 30, 2011.


The civil ceremony begins promptly at 5pm in the Throne Room at the Palais Princier de Monaco.  Currently, Euronews will broadcast the civil wedding and will continue to stay live on air until after the Jean Michel Jarre concert ends. (source)

If you are interested in watching the JM Jarre concert click the link here and scroll down.  Here you will find two links for the concert.


The religious ceremony begins promptly at 5pm in Monaco. I would advise all of you to log on to the sites below at least an hour before the ceremony begins.  Here, again, are the links that will air the religious ceremony:

  1. Palais Princier de Monaco Palais Live Broadcast  or Mariage Princier Live
  2. Euronews (then beginning at 9pm it will switch to the link here! ***Don’t use Euronews unless you want to be frustrated with their incredibly bad live feed.***)
  3. ZDF (again, this channel begins broadcasting at 2:30pm in Germany.)
  4. TV4 Play 
  5. Nice-Matin Live
  6. RTBF
  7. CNN LIVE (Beginning at 9am EST. You should be able to find it.)

After the religious ceremony the couple will whiz by all the Monégasques, tourists, and reporters in their new Hybrid Lexus until the new princely couple of Monaco reach Sainte Dévote church where H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco will leave her lovely bouquet.

At 9pm it is time for the lavish gala princely wedding dinner at the Opéra terraces at the Salle Garnier. At 10pm  EuronewsNC will continue their broadcast with a brilliant, yet not so environmentally friendly, fireworks show by Jacques Couturier, “…best-known producer of firework displays in France, to put on an “opera of fire” above Monaco’s harbor.” (source)


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