belgiumOn the afternoon of July 23, 2013, Their Royal Highnesses Prince Laurent and Princess Claire of Belgium arrived at the Maison de la Culture De Warande in Turnhout to view the exhibition, Weg van Vlaanderen: Hedendaagse Vlaamse Landschappen (Away From Flanders: Contemporary Flemish Landscapes).

The exhibition showcases contemporary works by various artists including Walter De Mulder, Roger Raveel, Emile Claus, Hans Op De Beeck, and Michiel Hendryckx to name a few.

According to the curator of the exhibition, Mr. Jeroen Laureyns, each of the artists “…describe, in their own way, the tragedy of the end of the lyrical landscape in Flanders.”

Weg van Vlaanderen: Hedendaagse Vlaamse Landschappen will be open to the public until August 25, 2013.  Admission is free.

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