Monaco Princely Wedding: Miscellaneous News, Information, and Updates

Well, it is only eleven days until the mega wedding of the millennium in the principality of Monaco, and every newspaper in and around the country is a buzz with gossip about the latest details.

In the newspaper, Monaco-Matin, there is a nice article about the massive fireworks show that will take place after the reception at the Salle Garnier Opera.  The not-so-environmentally friendly fireworks show will be a:

…symphony… a shower of gold, large murals in pyrotechnical mirror on the Mediterranean.’ Theme is: love, of course, the show is called, ‘Speak to Me of Love.’

Meanwhile all the gorgeous flowers, which include Peonies and Roses, have been ordered — duh — and will soon be arranged. Christian Carlesi-Sorasio is a member of the florist team (a team made up of 14 professional florists from Monaco) whose own grandfather “… had made the floral decorations of the marriage of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.”

Mr. Carlesi-Sorasio also explains some of the details of the  floral arrangements that will be showcased (if that is the right word to use) in the Palais Princier de Monaco courtyard and at the Salle Garnier Opera.  Per Monaco-Matin:

Each place will not be decorated in the same way.  They are completely different. Many factors come into play: the volume of parts, but also the brightness now. For the evening, we have provided some surprises.

He remains quiet about the intricate details of the ceremony on July 2.  But, for the religious ceremony he will say that sobriety is required. Garlands of flowers will highlight the architecture of the palais. The dominant color is obviously white. Peonies, Avalanche Roses, green and white Hydrangeas, Casablanca Lilies will accompany a white flower that is typical of South Africa as a nod to the bride.  A total of 12,000 flowers will be used over the princely wedding.  However, the secret remains intact on the bridal bouquet…

In special edition of the French magazine, Point du Vue, the engaged couple are featured, again.  Inside there is a nice article and other stuff.  Here is a brief synopsis:

For the past few weeks, Charlene Wittstock has taken up residence at Roc-Agel, the private residence of the Grimaldi family, which sits high above the principality.  This retreat is welcome for her which gives her privacy. Only family and close friends are allowed at Roc-Agel, a large place located in a mountainous area, safe from prying photographers.

It is in this house where Princess Grace liked to spend her weekends.  The princess once said, ‘Roc-Agel is a mixture of several things. This is initially a Provence-style, but we have added a lot of ideas. It’s a house of relaxation, without protocol, where one can indulge in what he or she likes to do..’  Princess Grace spent of her free time at the house where she let her creativity in the arts flow.  Prince Rainier isolated himself in his sculpture studio.

For those who missed RTL’s interview with Pierre de Vuyst from the program, Palace Royale, you can read the transcript in French here.  I’ll translate it for you later.  Actually, I won’t.   🙂

Finally, here is an updated guest-list of the royals attending the princely wedding in Monaco so far:

  1. Denmark: T.R.H.s Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie.
  2. Sweden: T.M.s King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, T.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, H.R.H. Prince Carl Phillip, and H.R.H. Princess Madeleine
  3. Norway: T.R.H.s Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit
  4. Netherlands: T.R.H.s Prince Willem-Alexander of Orange and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands
  5. United Kingdom: T.R.H.s The Earl and Countess of Wessex (allegedly)
  6. Liechtenstein: H.S.H. Prince Alois and H.R.H. Princess Sophie
  7. Belgium: Their Majesties King Albert and Queen Paola, T.R.H.s Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde, T.R.H.s Prince Laurent and Princess Claire, and H.R.H. Princess Astrid.
  8. France: The Duke and Duchess of Vendôme
  9. Portugal: The Duke and Duchess of Bragança
  10. Italy: The Duke and Duchess of Castro (Bourbon-Two Sicilies)
  11. Other royal and princely houses from Germany.
  12. Serbia: Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia (source)
  13. Romania: Princess Margarita and Prince Radu of Romania (source)
  14. Luxembourg:  Has not officially confirmed, yet.  However, I believe T.R.H.s Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa will attend.
  15. Russia: Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna (source)
  16. Italy: T.R.H.s Prince Emanuele Filiberto and Princess Clotilde of Savoy
  17. Italy: Prince Vittorio Emmanuele  and Marina Doria (Savoy)

Sources: Monaco-Matin and Point de Vue

Photos courtesy of: Reuters/Eric Gaillard Point de Vue and Monaoc-Matin by Franck Fernandes

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  1. We are very honoured to dress the South African Olympic medallist Elana Meyer to attend the festivities and the Princely wedding. Elana Meyer is a personal friend to the Princely couple.

    Nous sommes tres honores d’avoir ete choisi afin d’assister Elana Meyer, Medaillee Olympique Sud-Africaine, a l’elaboration de sa garde-robe en vue de sa participation au mariage princier. Elana Meyer est une amie personnelle du couple princier.

    Hendrik Vermeulen Couture
    Le Cap – Afrique du Sud

  2. Thank you for providing the notes on the floral team for the royal wedding in Monaco and the planned flowers for the decor. I had my first glimpse of the photos of the wedding with the gorgeous green & white color scheme and the elegant, understated bouquet. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Monaco is one of my favorite places to visit, and of course, I adore their way with flowers.
    Susan Fogwell

    1. You’re welcome, Susan! 🙂

      You may want to visit the official site for the Palais Princier de Monaco where there is more information about HSH Princess Charlene’s beautiful bouquet. Here is the link:

      Finally, there is another site (one of my favorites), Monte-Carlo Daily Photo, which always provides stunning images from Monaco including images of flowers, gardens and so forth. Simply look to your left on my blog and it’s listed under “Things of Interest (Misc.)


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