News Regarding His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales. (VIDEO)

harrsIt was announced that His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales and his teammates race to South Pole has been cancelled.  The reason: Safety concerns.

The Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge expedition director, Mr. Ed Parker, noted that he: 

“…has taken the decision to suspend the race to the pole, but he is determined that all the members will make it to the South Pole as one group. 

‘We have had a tricky couple of days. The weather remains good but the terrain is very difficult, far harder than we were anticipating and because of various factors, I have decided to suspend the race.

The reasons for this are entirely safety based. I am looking at the three teams. They are going really well but people are beginning to get very, very tired. With our doctor here, who I am in constant contact with, we just feel we are beginning to push people a little too hard, so I have suspended the race.’”

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