Anne Boleyn (VIDEOS)

The first documentary is about Anne Boleyn:

“Anne Boleyn is one of the most famous and controversial women in British history. In 1536, she became the first queen in Britain’s history to be executed. The brutal speed of her downfall, and the astonishing nature of the charges against her – treason, adultery, even incest – makes her story shocking even to this day.

Yet whilst we know how Anne died, the story of why she had to go and who authored her violent end has been the subject of fiery debate across six centuries. In a radical new approach to televised history, a stellar cast of writers and historians, including Hilary Mantel, David Starkey, Philippa Gregory and others, battle out the story of her last days and give their own unique interpretations of her destruction.”

The second documentary (part 1-2) is, well, obviously not about Anne Boleyn.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I suggest you watch both videos before they are removed by You Tube.   🙂