On September 24, 2012, His Royal Highness Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje was in Maastricht to attend the opening of the 30th International Congress Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences conference.

Upon his arrival, the prince was warmly welcomed by representatives from the Dutch Genealogical Society and the Central Bureau for Genealogy (organizers of today’s event), the Mayor of Maastricht, Mr. Onno Hoes as well as the Governor of the Province of Limburg, Mr. Theo Bovens.

According to RVD, the conference:

“… is held every two years and focuses on scientists and lovers of family history and surnames (genealogy) and heraldry and coats of arms (heraldry). There are lectures about DNA testing and family history, the origins of heraldry, and coats of arms of former colonies and new countries.”

Sources: RVD and Congress2012