Frederic, Prinz von Anhalt” “My Wife Had No Idea Her Leg Was Amputated!” (VIDEO)

He’s back!  Yup, your favorite faux prince from Germany, now living a cheesy yet slightly luxurious life at Château du Bel Air in California, is talking to the press… again.


Anyway, Frederic recently spoke to the newspaper, NY Post, about his wife, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, and her leg which was amputated over a year and a half ago.  Apparently, the poor dear had no idea that it was gone… until recently:

“She found out about it when she told me to sit her up, and she saw it. She couldn’t feel it because [one] hand is paralyzed and [one] hand was too short to go on it…

Later she said, ‘There is something missing.’ I also didn’t tell [Zsa Zsa] that her dear friend Phyllis Diller died last month… I don’t want to give bad news to my wife.”

Oh, Fred.

And, finally, the faux prince recently sat down with the German television network, ZDF, for an interview/lifestyle segment thingy.  Click here to watch. 

2 thoughts on “Frederic, Prinz von Anhalt” “My Wife Had No Idea Her Leg Was Amputated!” (VIDEO)”

  1. Why is this fraud on this post? This is for real royals, not men who took the name “Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt” so that he could call himself “prince” (but not A prince). However, he and Zsa Zsa shamefully wear sashes and royal regalia and she demanded that she be addressed as princess Zsa Zsa on the Hollywood Squares game show, stating that she was married to prince, so she was a princess. for the record Americans, Germany holds ownership of all royal titles and they are not for sale. Those who were born to former royal houses can still use the name ceremoniously, but they CANNOT convey it to anyone. Sooo, Robert Lichtenberg, paid the impoverished Princess Marie Auguste of Anhalt to adopt him at the age of 36, and he changed his legal name to Prinz Fredric Von Anhalt. Nifty trick eh?

  2. I’ve been posting about Fred for some time now. Everyone knows he isn’t a real prince (thus my nickname for him ” Frederic, Faux Prince von Anhalt) and that he bought his title; nevertheless, he is an entertaining character. 🙂

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