Monaco Princely Wedding: Misc. News and Information

The day is almost here and the newswire regarding the upcoming wedding are filled with information about the princely nuptials.

The South African newspaper, Times Live, has a report about the two local chefs who are being flown in to help prepare the civil wedding “…gala buffet…”   for the new princely couple of Monaco.  Click here to read. 

In the Monaco-Carlo News this afternoon, the focus is on the preparations for the ceremonial bouquet laying at the Sainte-Dévote church.  Click here to read.  The newspaper also reports about the 9,000 beautiful Anastasia and Crème de la Crème roses that have been flown in to Monaco recently.  Click here to read.

Also, there are an awry of photos from Monaco this afternoon highlighting the preparations for wedding and much more.  Click here to view photos.  

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