Monaco Princely Wedding: Official You Tube Site? Plus, a Nice News Report from TF1

With only five days to go until the princely wedding in Monaco, it seems that someone created a You Tube channel entitled, Le Marriage Princier Live, dedicated to the upcoming wedding.  It is unknown if the Palais Princier de Monaco in conjunction with the official site, Le Mariage Princier, created this site nor is it known if this You Tube channel will stream the wedding live on July 1 and 2, 2011.

However, I do know that the wedding will be streamed live on the official site for the princely family of Monaco here.

Click the link here to view the Le Marriage Princier Live You Tube channel.

Finally, here is a nice news report from TF1.  Click the link here.

Photo courtesy of: Le Mariage Princier FB