Fête Nationale Luxembourg 2011

Fête Nationale Luxembourg 2011 began today in, where else, Luxembourg. Today, in front of the Grand Ducal Palace there was the changing of the guard.  Then, T.R.H.s Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa visited the town of Oberanven to open a new park where the Grand Duke planted an Oak tree.

At 10pm this evening there was a torchlight procession made up “…folk groups and local associations as well as guides and scouts…” in Luxembourg City.  To wrap up the festivities there was a mega fireworks show.

Tomorrow, June 23, the celebrations continue beginning with a Mass at the Notre-Dame Cathedral where the entire Grand Ducal family will attend.  Following the service there will be:

…101 canon shots in honour of the Grand Duke at Fetschenhof. The traditional call to arms and military parade will follow from 11:30am along Avenue de la Liberté. From 10am to 6pm, the Pétrusse Valley will be transformed into a giant playground for children and families. Games of skill, social games and creative workshops will be offered.

To read the full itinerary for tomorrow’s events please click the link here.   To view photos from the park opening and more please click the links here and here.

Source: Wort.lu

Photo courtesy of: Wikipedia