The Future Princess of Monaco… Yes, it’s Another Article.

C’est en 2000 qu’elle croise pour la première fois Albert II, lors du Marenostrum, le meeting international de natation de la Principauté

The French newspaper, France Soir, recently published an article about the future princess of Monaco:

A young woman is very discreet. Walking in the streets of Monaco-Ville, the city’s most typical of the Principality, few people have ever seen Charlene Wittstock. Secret, the future sovereign princess of Monaco, who will marry 1 and July 2 to His Serene Highness Albert II.

 The lucky ones have quickly crossed during his morning jog on the narrow road overlooking the sea which runs to the port. They have in mind the image of a “the distant, the beautiful woman with an unbelievable body.” With her mystery and her happy melancholy air, the former swimming champion was born here thirty-three years ago in the heart of southwestern Zimbabwe. Yet those who know her swear that she is just the opposite. “Miss Wittstock has the sense of touch, ‘says a friend. “This is a woman of great communication,” adds another. Charlene is warm.

Prior to her gold medal in backstroke, the tall woman grew up in a loving home, surrounded by his father Michael, who works as a sales manager, his two brothers, Gareth (29) and Sean (28 years), with whom she is very protective, especially of his mother, Lynette, swimming instructor.

The Mermaid swam up to her prince

In the 1990s, the family emigrated to Durban, South Africa a metropolis of a million souls, bordered by the Indian Ocean. She spent many hours in training.  Six years later, she won her first championship in swimming. Hard-working and thoughtful, the young woman who was then 18 years, shares her free time between surfing, another of her passions, and ethnic collections of poetry from South Africa.

Of fate, the golden-haired siren will swim in front of the prince, without knowing he is the man of her life. In 2000, she met him for the first time during the Mare Nostrum, the International Swimming competition in the Principality. Captivated by her beauty, Albert II gave her the gold medal in the 200 backstroke and exchange a few words that night. The story might have ended there. Who could seriously believe that a romance is to build thousands of miles away? For five years, Charlene and Albert maintain contact by telephone then lost touch. Until a mutual friend brought them together again at a party. The two lovers have been together ever since. In 2006, they appeared for the first time together at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Turin, Italy.

Before announcing their engagement in June of last year, the bride and groom took time to get to know each other. They have long talked about sports, their favorite subject and passion has taken precedence over their relationship. To believe Charlene, she was so surprised by the prince’s marriage proposal she was still in shock a week later. “I’m not even sure I said yes,” she said in TV Mag. “This marriage is a very exciting time, she said to Madame Figaro. I think any woman who is lucky enough to be loved by the man she loves living a fairy tale.

Today, the beauty is captured by the world press. But, she is wary. Like the Princess Stephanie, she is extremely close, Charlene back from those who gravitate to Grimaldi. “His goal is to learn to master French, confesses an observer. She has made great progress in this direction. She understands the language and even beginning to talk. “As an elite athlete accomplished, especially Charlene manages the pressure of his wedding with strength determination. She she is confident and serene.

After this global event that will bring excitement in the Principality, Albert and Charlene will spend their honeymoon in South Africa. Undoubtedly, they will not wait long before giving birth to their first child. “Prince Albert saw early on that Charlene will be a perfect mother for his descendants,” says a reliable source. Charlene has the family spirit He even helps her balance. Very complicit with his brothers, Charlene also maintains close ties with Pauline, the second daughter Stephanie has had with Daniel Ducruet, who she swims with regularly.

If Ms. Wittstock has long aimed to compete in the Olympics, she finally gave it up, for love. Do not think as long as it is a submissive wife to her husband. “Charlene is a strong woman. It has character and will not be pushed around. No doubt she will make decisions that will count ensures a friend of the couple. It has strong shoulders to bear, alongside her husband, the functions of the sovereign.” Princess is engaged in charitable endeavours, Charlene could choose to be an ambassador for the Red Cross, the association created by Princess Grace. It would be a unique tribute to Albert’s mother.

Recently, the Television Festival hosted by the Principality, Charlene received the American stars present at the palace. “It was divine, cute and accessible information Bernard Montiel, very involved in this event. It must be said that it has an incredible look! The first thing you notice when you see it is its beauty. ” He remembers the gala after the Red Cross at the Monaco Sporting Club. “Charlene let loose on the dance floor. As women age, it is modern.

With her piercing emerald eyes the South African swimmer, whose love for the Principality is not vain, is determined to show that she is alive.

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Source and photo courtesy of: France Soir