An Interview with Prince Jean, The Duke of Vendôme

Recently, Prince Jean, Duke of Vendôme gave an interview to the French newspaper, La Montagne, where he discussed his life and everything else under the sun.  Here is a short translated snippet from the article:

The Orleanists consider him to be the heir to the French throne.  Prince Jean of France refuses to give up his right to exercise his “responsibilities” as part of the his royal linage.  The prince will also host a conference at Avrilly Castle in the coming days.

 L’Allier, because of its history, is more accustomed to the house of Bourbon, at the house of Orleans, who sees you as the heir to the throne of France. Do your two families maintain good relations? 

Yes, of course, they are excellent (laughs). You know, the Bourbons and the Orleans family ties. Henry IV is especially because he is our common ancestor. I am  also know a little Allier.

Your family history has it weighed heavily on you and in your education growing up?

Of course! I was raised in that memory. But, my mother also had the presence of mind to ensure that her children are in direct contact with the world today. She has prepared us to live in our time. So I can say I had a “normal” life when I was young. Also, had to fend alone in my journey as a student, then in my career. In particular, I served in the banking sector. Today, I manage the family forest, bordering south of the Ardennes, an area of 2,500 hectares. I also created my brand, “Prince Jean”, which offers for sale, online, clothes, dishes, crystal, or the tables.

The full interview will be available in tomorrow’s edition of La Montagne.

Finally, it was recently announced that the Duke will attend the princely wedding, on July 1 and 2, in Monaco alongside his wife, the Duchess of Vendôme.

Source:  La

Photo courtesy of: Zimbio by Pascal Segretain/Getty Images Europe