Charlene Wittstock, The Future Princess of Monaco: Part Two Interview from ZDF

Here is part two from the SABC3/ZDF interview with the future Princess of Monaco, the beautiful Charlene Wittstock.  In this segment, Miss Wittstock discusses sports as well as the prince’s passion for athletics and charity work.

Click here to watch.  

Part One is here in case you missed it.

Any way, there is only 23 days to go until the princely wedding in Monaco!

Finally, if you would like to sign the Gold Livre d’Or (guest book) wishing the couple congratulations you may do so at the couple’s official Facebook page for the princely wedding here.  According to the site, “…Your messages will personally be read by the Princely Couple.”   🙂


Photo courtesy of: and Le Mariage de Monaco.

2 thoughts on “Charlene Wittstock, The Future Princess of Monaco: Part Two Interview from ZDF”

  1. I think the interview should be just in English instead of another persn speaking at the same time. I would be nice to have to versions. English and what ever foreign language they are speaking.

  2. Hi Karen! 🙂

    These snippet interviews are originally from the South African network, SABC3, show entitled, Top Billing (their original interview, in English, will air on June 14, 2011.)

    The German network, ZDF, bought the rights to air a portion of these segments thus the reason why there is a voiceover in German when the reporter is asking her questions and so forth.

    ZDF has their own original two-part documentary that will air on June 21 and 30, 2011; unfortunately, for non-German speakers, Charlene’s responses will be voiced over in German.


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