H.R.H. Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands Visits an Exhibit

On June 6, 2011, H.R.H. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands visited an art exhibit “… at Lange Voorhut in The Hague…”, according to PPE.  The sculpture exhibit, entitled ‘The Hague Under the Heavens’, showcases contemporary Chinese sculptures by nine different artists.

The title of the exhibit, ‘The Hague Under the Heavens’, comes from a proverb by Confucius.  According to the official website for the sculpture exhibit, Den Haag Sculptuur.nl:

The exhibition will be presented under the title The Hague under the Heavens, referring to the Chinese Tian Xia or All under Heaven, one of the cornerstones of the Chinese Confucian worldview, based on trust in a world of harmony between heaven, earth and humanity, as long as everyone keeps to his or her assigned role in society. (source)

To view images of Princess Maxima of the Netherlands during today’s event please click the link here.  To learn more about the artists, their works as well as to learn how the title of the exhibit came about please click the link here.