HRH The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales Speaks at the Low Carbon Economy Conference in Brussels, Belgium

You know, I’ve always liked HRH Prince Charles, and this afternoon his speech at the European Parliament regarding the environment and climate change just made me like him even more.

Prince Charles was among a panel of VIPs at the Low Carbon Economy conference in Brussels, Belgium.  During the conference the Prince basically called out those who are skeptics regarding climate change and so forth.  Here is a snippet of what HRH Prince Charles had to say:

‘We have to see that there is a direct relationship between the resilience of Nature’s ecosystems and the resilience of our national economies,’ he told Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), business leaders, and other policy makers.

‘If the fabric of the Earth’s life-support system fragments, as it appears it may be starting to do; if those systems become weak or even collapse—essentially, if Nature’s capital loses its innate resilience—then how long does it take for our economic capital and economic systems to lose their resilience too?’

‘I cannot see how we can possibly maintain the growth of GDP in the long term if we continue to consume our planet as voraciously as we are doing.’

BRAVO!  Now, if only Prince Charles would stop wearing leather and consuming slaughtered innocent animals than I would adore him even more.   🙂

To watch a video of his speech please click the link: Prince Charles

Source: Telegraph Newspaper Photo courtesy of: Day Life by REUTERS/Thierry Roge