Prince Carl Alexander and Princess Corinna von Hohenzollern Moving Back to Germany “Once My Wife is Knocked Up!” Plus, A Video of Their Wedding Reception… Awww

So, now that Prince Carl Alexander and Princess Corinna von Hohenzollern are happily married the glamourous royal couple have announced that they desperately want to move back to Prince Carl Alexander’s swanky family pad, known as Schloss Sigmaringen, in Germany. Apparently, the prince, who resembles Napoleon Dynamite, revealed to the German newspaper, Bild, that “… I have the right to live in the schloss as soon as my wife is knocked up, err, pregnant…”


Any way… Princess Corinna is so excited about the move that she apparently sent out a lovely postcard to her friends and family showing off her husband’s schloss — whilst wearing her new faux gold tiara from Claire’s Accessories — with the caption, “Willkommen auf meiner Residenz!”  Unfortunately, it seems that Prince Carl Alexander forgot to tell his bride that the schloss does not belong to him.  Long story…

Meanwhile the Austrian television network, ORF, released an exclusive video of the princely couple’s press conference/photo-op/wedding reception held at Château du Bel Air a couple of weeks ago.

Click here to watch the video. 

Sources and photos courtesy of: Bild and Frederic Prinz von Anhalt