Updates Regarding Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

There are some important information/updates regarding Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg.

To read more about Grand Duke Henri’s condition please visit the blog, Luxarazzi, for further details:  Luxarazzi

Catherine Middleton, Artwork, and The Sex Pistols: Love it!!

This is a great article from the British newspaper, The Mirror.

Apparently, the artist known as “Zoobs” decided to rework and otherwise update the infamous and epic 1977 Sex Pistols album cover, Never Mind Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols. Instead of having HM Queen Elizabeth II face on it, “Zoobs” decided to use the future Queen of England, Catherine Middleton.

According to The Mirror newspaper:

The piece, by Zoobs, also has the words ‘God save the future Queen’ printed across the top and bottom of the image, while the words ‘the next pistol’ are printed across the royal fiancee’s mouth.

LOVE IT!!!!!

In case you have never seen the original artwork, by Jamie Reid, featured on the 1977 album cover, well… this is it.  The piece is so famous, I’m sure you’ve seen it before:

To read the article in its entirety please click the link: The Mirror

Source and photo courtesy of: The Mirror

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg Hospitalized: UPDATES

Early Thursday morning in Luxembourg, Grand Duke Henri was admitted into the hospital. According to various reports, specifically the Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg, the Grand Duke was suffering from “mild discomfort.”

Per the French television network which is reporting about this unfortunate occurrence:

‘[at this time he] is currently under medical observation in hospital in Luxembourg. His condition is satisfactory,’  the court said in a brief statement.

I wish the Grand Duke a speedy recovery.  If there is any breaking news I will be sure to post it for you all.  So stay tuned.


To read more about Grand Duke Henri’s condition, please visit: Luxarazzi

Source: TV5.org and Wort.lu