HSH Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock in Gstaad, Switzerland

With only months to go before their princely wedding in Monaco, HSH Prince Albert II and his lovely fiancée, Charlene Wittstock, enjoyed a quick getaway in beautiful Gstaad, Switzerland.

The couple, along with their friends, enjoyed a day on the slopes this past February 26, 2011.  It is unknown how long they will stay in Gstaad, but one thing is for sure… they looked as if they were having fun and Charlene remains better than you while doing so.

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Photos courtesy of: Profimedia.cz

Wedding Date Set for HIRH Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and HSH Princess Sophie von Isenburg

It was announced this afternoon, February 28, 2011, that HIRH Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia will marry HSH Princess Sophie von Isenburg on  August 27, 2011.  The wedding ceremony will be held at the Friedenskirche in Potsdam, Germany.

At this time it is unknown who will attend the wedding ceremony; however, one could deduce that many of the non-reigning royal and princely houses in Germany will attend along with several reigning royal houses.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming wedding.

Source:  Charivari.de Photo courtesy of:  Preussen.de

HSH Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein Receives the Ambassador of Malta

800px-Flag_of_Liechtenstein.svgOn February 28, 2011, HSH Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein received the Ambassador of Malta, Maximilian Turnauer, at Schloss Vaduz in Liechtenstein.

The purpose of Mr. Turnauer’s visit was to receive the “…Grand Cross of the Princely Liechtenstein Order of Merit, for his contribution to the country of Liechtenstein…”

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