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His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia Witnesses the Signing of a Cooperation Agreement.

PrussiaOn Wednesday, July 3, 2013, His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between the German high-tech company, Tridelity AG, and Blue Ocean Technology from China, at Schloss Hohenzollern in Germany.

Tridelity AG manufactures:

“…glasses-free auto-stereoscopic 3-D screens.  The company has been pioneering the development of this cutting-edge technology for years, offering the highest quality 3-D  solutions. In addition to related technologies and services, Tridelity AG also provides an extensive hardware range of solutions for single-viewer and multi-viewer purposes, with unprecedented viewing comfort, exceptional 3-D depth and the highest resolution in the industry.”

Blue Ocean Technology is a supplier of “…well-known manufacturer display screen components.”

Anyway, according to various sources, the two companies came together thanks in part to Prince Georg Friedrich, and the purpose of the signing of the cooperation agreement is to “…introduce, develop and distribute Tridelity AG’s products into the Chinese market.”


Preußens Friedrich und die Kaiserin

A documentary, in German, about Friedrich II and Empress Maria Theresa.

“Many Regents ruled in Germany during the 18th century. But, two monarchs stand out: Friedrich II von Preußens and Maria Theresa von Österreich. They are rivals who could hardly be more different: the exuberant Habsburg Maria Theresa from Catholic Vienna and the closed Hohenzollern King Friedrich II from the Protestant Potsdam.”

The Famous Beau Sancy Diamond Sold to an Anonymous Buyer for $9.7 million (VIDEO)

On May 15, 2012, the famous Beau Sancy diamond, owned (until this afternoon) by His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, was sold at auction for $9.7 million at Sotheby’s in Geneva, Switzerland.  At the end of the auction, Mr. Philipp Herzog von Wuerttenberg, chairman of Sotheby’s Europe, was overheard stating, “You are buying a historic work of art… you are not buying a diamond.”

At this time the individual who purchased the beautiful 35-carat diamond remains anonymous.  Click here to read an article from the Washington Post.

To learn more about other items that were on auction please click here.

Sources: Agence France Press and Washington Post

Random Royal News Regarding the Beau Sancy Diamond (Owned by H.I.R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia) and His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. (VIDEO)

As you may or may not know by now the famous Beau Sancy diamond, currently owned by His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, is about to be sold at auction via Sotheby’s in Geneva next month.  In the video above, Mr. David Bennett discusses the history of the diamond and much more.

Meanwhile, at the Palais Princier de Monaco, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II held a meeting with the President of the 66th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Naser.

And, that’s it.   🙂

Source and photo courtesy of: Palais Princier de Monaco

Random Royal News Regarding Their Royal Highnesses Grand Duke Henri and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg. Plus, Sad News Regarding Carl Alexander Prinz von Hohenzollern and Corinna Prinzessin von Hohenzollern.

On April 18, 2012, Their Royal Highnesses Grand Duke Henri and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg held an audience at the Grand Ducal Palace with leaders of diplomatic missions and representatives from the Diplomatic Conference 2012.

Meanwhile, it is with regret to announce that Carl Alexander Prinz von Hohenzollern and his bikini princess bride, Corinna, have announced they have separated.

The regal princely couple were married last February in a lavish wedding held at the  Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada with Frederic faux Prince von Anhalt in attendance.  Days later a glamorous princely wedding reception/press conference/photo-op took place at Château du Bel Air, and by all accounts the beautiful couple, wearing traditional Lederhosen, were deeply in love.  During the wedding reception/press conference/photo-op Princess Corinna was presented with a unique faux gold tiara from Claire’s Accessories.  A gift from her new husband and Frederic faux Prince von Anhalt.

During their honeymoon phase of their relationship the couple spoke to the press many times to announce they were beyond happy.  Carl Alexander even exclaimed that he was excited to start his own family with Corinna and move back to Germany “…once my wife is knocked up!

Soon, the regal princely couple were seen out and about in Europe attending various high society and glamorous events including the 2012 Orange Weiner Filmball held at the Wiener Rathaus in Wien, Austria last March.  Rumors were running rampant that the couple were about to star in their own reality show on the German network, RTL.  Sadly, that will never happen.

So, you are probably wondering to yourself, “I’m so sadden by this news. What happened? Why are they separating?!!”  Well, Carl Alexander explained to his favorite German magazine, Bild, that the couple never had sex.  “I wasn’t even allowed to touch her!” he said in complete frustration “And, I wasn’t allowed to have sex with her nor could I kiss her!!”  

According to Bunte magazine, Corinna flew back to Austria a couple of weeks ago  without her husband.  She then, allegedly, phoned Fredric faux Prince von Anhalt to tell him that she did not love Carl Alexander and will never return to Château du Bel Air. Ever!  Carl Alexander was devastated, “For me, it was love, but she has just used me!”  Von Anhalt was outraged calling Corinna:

… a criminal!  CRIMINAL!! She only wanted the title of ‘princess’.  She even sent her Austrian manager to fly to my house in Los Angeles to fob off Carl Alexander Prince of Hohenzollern with money so that she may continue use the title Prinzessin von Hohenzollern (Princess of Hohenzollern).

Once the sleazy Austrian manager was at Frederic faux Prince von Anhalt’s house, Château du Bel Air, von Anhalt reportedly told them that he would comply with the sleazy Austrian manager’s demands.  Then von Anhalt called the police.

Meanwhile, Carl Alexander was in his room… alone.  Deeply hurt.  Crying.  Crying over the loss of his wife, Corinna.  “I’m sad.  But, I know I will find love again” he said whilst tears flowing down his princely face, “I know I will be married again to a beautiful wife who has great character and nice large tits!”


As for Corinna, the Bikini Princess von Hohenzollern, well, she is still living it up in Wien, Austria with her fabulous faux gold tiara.  Besides hiring a manager, she started her own website and Facebook fan page.

Frederic faux Prince von Anhalt announced that the marriage between Carl Alexander and Corinna will be annulled.

Sources: Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg, Bild, and Bunte

Photos courtesy of Bild and Frederic Prince von Anhalt   🙂

Random Royal News Regarding Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Corinna von Hohenzollern

It was announced that Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall received the Dame of the Grand Cross which was appointed to her by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Click here to read more about this wonderful honor.

Meanwhile, the bikini princess, Corinna von Hohenzollern, has been quite busy since her regal marriage to Carl Alexander Prince von Hohnzollern in February.  According to the Austrian online newspaper, OE 24, princess was recently in Vienna, Austria where she attended a party hosted by the pervert gentleman’s magazine, Penthouse.  Finally, Princess Corinna launched her official fan page on Facebook.  Yay.  For more information please click here.

Sources: Telegraph,, and Princess Corinna von Hohenzollern

Photo courtesy of Princess Corinna von Hohenzollern

Random Royal News Regarding Their Royal Highnesses The Duke of Edinburgh and The Earl of Wessex. Plus, Fun News About Prince Carl Alexander and Princess Corinna von Hohenzollern.

On March 19, 2012, Their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Edinburgh and the Earl of Wessex attended the Umpires’ Dinner for the Lords Tavener’s held at the Hilton Hotel in London.

Meanwhile, last Friday, March 16, 2012, Prince Carl Alexander von Hohenzollern and his lovely bikini princess bride, Corinna, apparently attended the 2012 Orange Wiener Filmball (Orange Filmball Vienna) held at the Wiener Rathaus in Wien, Austria.

Any way, the regal princely couple were allegedly accompanied by a film crew from the German network, RTL, according to PR Plus.  Does this mean there is a reality show in the works about the glamorous couple?  Gosh, I hope so!   🙂

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