It was announced that Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall received the Dame of the Grand Cross which was appointed to her by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Click here to read more about this wonderful honor.

Meanwhile, the bikini princess, Corinna von Hohenzollern, has been quite busy since her regal marriage to Carl Alexander Prince von Hohnzollern in February.  According to the Austrian online newspaper, OE 24, princess was recently in Vienna, Austria where she attended a party hosted by the pervert gentleman’s magazine, Penthouse.  Finally, Princess Corinna launched her official fan page on Facebook.  Yay.  For more information please click here.

Sources: Telegraph,, and Princess Corinna von Hohenzollern

Photo courtesy of Princess Corinna von Hohenzollern


  1. I love that you cover Corinna…sort of “doing your duty” as a royal correspondent. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess. Deep breaths!

    1. It´s a joke right? I keep hoping this is a joke, but then the von Hohenzollern are very embarrassing in Germany. Oh well, let´s hope she will be better than the black widow (Tatiana or something like that) Friedrich “Fuffie” von H. wanted to marry (on reality TV!) a few years ago… . smh

      1. Unfortunately, it’s not a joke. Nevertheless, the couple (Carl Alexander and Corinna) are very entertaining. They are also a nice couple… very gracious. 🙂

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