Prince Emanuele Filiberto and Princess Clotilde of Savoy adopted two sons from Kenya? Appartently

This is a lovely shock if it’s true.  Apparently, Prince Emanuele Filiberto and Princess Clotilde of Savoy adopted two sons from Kenya according to the photo site, and TRFs.


For Prince Emanuele Filiberto and Princess Clotilde of Savoy were, in the beginning of January, in Kenya.  Not for [on] holiday, but for adopting two sons from an Italian orphanage.

To view the images of the family please click the link:  Photos

At this time there is not much information other than what Profimedia is reporting, and I hope they are correct because if they wrong… oh boy!

Charlene Wittstock: Breakfast with the Future Princess of Monaco, A Charity Event: UPDATES

Yesterday, I reported that Miss Charlene Wittstock will be attending a charity event at the St. Johns Diocesan in South Africa.  Well, unfortunately, there is not much new information; however, here is a little news regarding the event.

Miss Wittstock will be hosting the charity event come this Friday February 11, 2011.  As you know all the proceeds, during the breakfast charity event, will be donated to the Special Olympics (she is the patron for the Special Olympics Charity Foundation in Monaco.)  Guests will be entertained by the “…international award wining group, Kwa-Zulu Natal Youth Orchestra.” The event begins at 8:30 am, and if you happen to live in the area, you can buy tickets to the charity breakfast and be in the presence of the future Princess of Monaco.

For more information please click the link: MSN ZA

Finally, as you know by now, Miss Wittstock will participate in the Midmar Mile, at the Midmar Dam in Kwazulu Natal, this weekend.  Apparently, this open water race is a tough one, but I’m sure she can handle it.   Here is what she had to say about the event a couple of months ago:

Taking part in the Midmar Mile will allow me to raise funds for the Special Olympics in South Africa and to support those athletes who really need the financial assistance. Being a former South African, taking part in the mile presents me with the opportunity to give back something to the South African charities.

My background as a swimmer, and current position as a future royal [member of a princely family] definitely presents me with a huge platform to give something back. The Special Olympics athletes are really brave and swimmers with disabilities have always been well supported at the Midmar Mile. I simply cannot wait, and this is a huge undertaking for me and its going to be great to eventually give something back by way of swimming the Mile. (Interview)

Also, Charlene’s dear friend, Olympic gold medalist Roland Schoeman, will also participate in the race to support Miss Wittstock.  How nice.

Any way, good luck, Miss Wittstock!   🙂

Source: MSN ZA and Super Sport by WESSEL OOSTHUIZEN/Gallo Images

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco in Paris, France

This evening at the luxurious Hotel Crillon, in Paris, France, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco received the Codes Monégasques from Lexis Nexis CEO, Philippe Carillon.

Other attendees at the event were some of Monaco’s legal eagle team including Laurent Anselmi and Michel Roger, the Minister of State in Monaco.

To view more images from the event please click the link below.

Source and photo courtesy of: Day Life by Francois Durand/Getty Images.

Charlene Wittstock, the Midmar Mile, and A Lovely Charity Event in South Africa

On February 11, 2011, the future Princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, will attend a charity event at the St. Johns Diocesan School PMB, in South Africa, whereupon the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Special Olympics.  This event is also in connection with the Midmar Mile race which she will take part in this weekend (Saturday 12 and Sunday 13th.)

More information about the Midmar Mile as well as the charity event at St. Johns Diocesan is still coming in through the newswire… so stay tuned for more information.

Source:  TriBella House and Midmar Mile

Monarchy: The Royal House of Windsor (Series Four). A Documentary by the Awesome Historian Dr. David Starkey

Monarchy: The Royal House of Windsor (Series Four) is a brilliant documentary by the awesome, yet dry, Professor David Starkey.

Any way, the series is available via Amazon and Border’s Books, but thankfully you won’t have to pay to watch it since it’s now available on You Tube.

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