‘Secret Letters – Wallis Simpson’: A Documentary

The title of this documentary, Secret Letters – Wallis Simpson.  Click the links below to watch this interesting program about the late Duchess of Windsor.

‘Queen Mother: A Royal Century’ A Documentary

Here is a documentary about the late Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother entitled, Queen Mother: A Royal Century.  The program is:

A comprehensive film portrait of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, placing her life in the context of the twentieth century as a whole. A revered figure in British life — a symbol of courage in World War II and an icon of stability. This remarkable new portrait digs beneath the surface and presents for the first time a balanced account of the life of a powerful and exceptional woman.

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H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco Attends a Soccer Match

On August 26, 2011, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco attended a soccer (football) match between FC Barcelona and FC Porto at the Stade Louis II in Monaco.  The sovereign prince enjoyed the match not with his lovely wife, H.S.H. Princess Charlene, but with UEFA president, Michel Platini.  Throughout the game the two friends cheered on their favorite team, giggled, and generally had a fabulous time.

Anyway, those who attended the match were wondering why the princess was not there; furthermore, many had also noticed that Prince Albert wasn’t wearing his wedding ring!

Actually, it’s not big deal that the prince decided not to wear his wedding ring.  Most men remove it from time to time… so it’s not unusual.

To view photos please click the links below:

Photo courtesy of: Daylife/Valery Hache/AFP

H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia: Where to Watch The Imperial Wedding. Plus, Video News Reports

If you are interested in watching the wedding between H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia you may do so at RBB online.  Click here or here to watch the Imperial wedding live.

Also, according to several well-informed members from the Nobiliana Forum the live broadcast of the wedding will also be shown on SWR network.

The live transmission begins at 11am Saturday, August 27, 2011, in Potsdam, Germany.  If you need a time zone coverter to figure out when the wedding begins in your area please click here.

Finally, if you would like to watch a myriad of videos regarding the wedding as well as other stuff please click here as well as here (scroll down to see various video clips).

Photo courtesy of: Daylife via Pascal Le Segretain

A Pre-Wedding Concert in Berlin, Germany Honor of the Imperial Wedding

On August 26, 2011, H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg attended a pre-wedding charity concert at the Gendarmenmarkt Concert Hall in Berlin, Germany.

According to the German network, RBB, the concert was held for “…the benefit of the Princess Kira of Prussia Foundation which supports needy children.” (source)

To view photos as well as to watch a video news report please click the links below:

Photo courtesy of: Daylife by A. Rentz

‘The Last Kaiser’s Great-Great Grandson Set to Marry’: An Article from Spiegel Online. Plus, a Video News Report.

Tomorrow is the big day for H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg and this afternoon the German magazine, Spiegel, has a new article about the couple’s wedding.  Click here to read the article. 

Here is a video news report with Count Alexander von Schönburg discussing the upcoming Imperial wedding in Potsdam.  Click here to watch the video.

Photo courtesy of: Spiegel by T. Warnack

‘No Titles, No Subjects, No Problem: Germans Join Royal Wedding Craze’: An Article From the Wall Street Journal

Here are an interesting article from the American newspaper, Wall Street Journal, about H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg regarding their upcoming religious wedding in Potsdam, Germany.  Click here to read the article. 

Photo courtesy of: WSJ via Agence France-Presse