H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco Bans H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco From Having Contact with His Past Girlfriends… Allegedly.

According to the British newspaper, Telegraph (via the French magazine, Paris Match), H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco has allegedly put her foot down regarding her husband having contact with his ex-girlfriends… specifically the Baby Mama to the prince’s son, Ms. Coste.  Per the Telegraph:

…Charlene is now reported to be stamping her authority on her notoriously wayward 53-year-old husband, who already has two illegitimate children.

Paris Match magazine revealed this week that the former South African Olympic swimmer had one former lover, air hostess Nicole Coste, struck off the guest list to Monaco’s lavish Red Cross Ball.

A source close to the Monaco royal palace (it’s probably a certain cranky and eternally pissed off old man from Santa Barbara, CA) told Paris Match: ‘Charlene had to tolerate the presence of Ms Coste during last year’s Red Cross ball when they were engaged.

But now they are married, she has put her foot down and had Ms Coste struck off the guest list.

She does not want to give her the status of a privileged guest at an official function, and does not want Albert to consort socially with any of his previous lovers.’


… and the drama continues.  Listen, people, this latest bit of “news” is most likely a rumor so just your roll your eyes and laugh.

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Source: The Telegraph