H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg: The Civil Marriage

On August 25, 2011, H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg had their civil marriage at the Potsdamer Registry.  According to Bunte magazine the ceremony lasted 30 minutes and was conducted by the Lord Mayor of Potsdam, Jann Jakobs.

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Who Will Attend the Wedding Between H.I.&R.H. Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg?

There are only two more days until the nuptials between H.I.&R.H. Georg Friedrich Prince von Preußen and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenburg in Potsdam, Germany and many royal watchers are wondering what royals — reigning and non-reigning — will attend the wedding.

Well, the German magazine, Bunte, is also curious about the guest-list and they have concluded that many non-reigning royals as well as nobles will attend including Prince Alois and Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein, Prince Alexander and Princess Nadja of Schaumburg-Lippe, and the troubled royal, Prince Ernst August of Hanover (minus Princess Caroline of Hanover.)

Unfortunately, we will not know the complete guest-list until the day before or perhaps the day of the wedding.

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Source: Bunte.de

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