Here is an old news report (April 28, 2011) from KITV News in Hawai’i about the royal wedding between Their Majesties King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma of Hawai’i.  Click here to watch the video.   🙂  By the way, the reporters mention the word Kahili in the news report, and if you don’t know what a Kahili is, it’s basically a large pole made up of native Hawaiian manu feathers on top.  

Another news report from KITV News about Hulihe’e Palace on O’ahu.  Click here to watch.

An article and video regarding Princess Abigail Kawananakoa.  Click here to read.

Finally, here is another news report about I’olani Palace.  Click here to watch.

Photos: Author’s own and the Star Bulletin.