TheKingWAOn November 29, 2013, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands received three special biographies, published in celebration of the bicentenary year of the Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (Kingdom of the Netherlands), at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam.

The three biographies concerns his ancestors: Willem I, Willem II, and William III.  The books were written by three Dutch historians: Mr. Jeroen Koch (Koning Willem I: 1772-1843), Mr. Jeroen van Zanten (Koning Willem II: 1792-1849), and Mr. Dik van der Meulen (Koning Willem III: 1817-1890).

According to RVD, the authors received special permission from the former Her Majesty Queen Beatrix to have unlimited access to the Koninklijk Huisarchief (Royal Archives) to help them in their research of the three kings.

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Photo courtesy of RVD/HKH


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