The Daily Life of Their Imperial Majesties and Overseas Tours (VIDEOS)

Here are four fantastic and extremely rare documentaries about Their Imperial Majesties Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan.   🙂

The first documentary entitled, In the Days of the Crown Prince, takes a look back at a then His Imperial Highness The Prince Tsuhu, and from 1952-1990 His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Akihito of Japan.

The second and third documentaries, 20 Years from Enthronement and The Daily Life of Their Majesties, are, well, the titles are pretty much self-explanatory. 

The fourth documentary roughly translated as, Emperor and Empress: Foreign Visits, is a true gem. This program focuses on the history of Their Imperial Majesties overseas tours to such places as Denmark, United Kingdom, United States, Norway, and Canada.  Moreover, there are lots of great archival footage of official as well as state visits to Japan from the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and so forth.

Now, if your Japanese is a bit rusty just click on the Closed Captions (CC) on each video, then find your native language and voilà!  You will be able to watch the documentaries with sub-titles.  And, with that I hope you enjoy these programs.   🙂