“Grace of Monaco” to be Released in the Spring of 2014? Yup! (VIDEO)

Cheesy trailer

Well, this is unfortunate.  According to the Hollywood Reporter journalist, Mr. Scott Feinberg, it seems that the controversial film, Grace of Monaco, directed by Mr. Olivier Dahan and starring Ms. Nicole Kidman, will not be released on November 27, 2013.  Instead, the Weinstein Company — the film’s distributors — have decided to push the release date back until the spring of 2014.

Yeah, that’s not a good sign.  If you saw the trailer, which was released last week, you know that it was simply…horrible.

Anyway, so why is Grace of Monaco being delayed?  The excuse: “The Weinstein Company has decided the film needs more time to be completed [which will be] positioned more as a commercial entry than an awards play [Oscars]…”

Basically, they are re-cutting the film perhaps to make it more, oh I don’t know, more historically accurate and/or mildly interesting!  If that is the case hopefully the re-edited version of Grace of Monaco shall please His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco and other members of the Princely family because as of now they are not exactly happy campers regarding the film.