News Regarding TI&RHs Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia.

PrussiaOn the afternoon of June 12, 2013, Their Imperial and Royal Highnesses Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia attended the ceremony of the laying of the foundation for the rebuilding of the Stadtschloss (aka the Berliner Schloss).

The schloss, located in what was East Berlin, was destroyed in the 1950s by the East German communist government.  After the demolition a bland and boring government office building was constructed on the site of the old schloss.  After the reunification of Germany in 1990 the government, in 2006, demolished the ratty old communist government building and laid plans to rebuild a replica facade (with modern interior) of the magnificent schloss.  So how much will all this cost?  Oh, only a few million Euros. 590 to be exact.  Chump change.   🙂

Anyway, when a journalist from Bild Magazine asked how Prince Georg Friedrich felt about today’s foundation laying ceremony — or what ever you want to call it — he replied, “This is a very special day. The more I think about it, the less I can believe that it is now to start.” 

Awesome!  Yay Germany!   🙂

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Earlier this month Their Imperial and Royal Highnesses had a chance to view plans as well as model of the new Stadtschloss with Stiftung im Kronprinzenpalais board member, Mr. Manfred Rettig.



The Stadtschloss circa 1900




Images of what the new Stadtschloss will look like inside an out.

Photos courtesy of SBSHumboldtForum