H.I.M Emperor Akihito of Japan Remains in the Hospital with a Persistent Fever (VIDEO)

On November 6, 2011, H.I.M. Emperor Akihito of Japan was hospitalized for Bronchitis.  Per the Japanese news agency, NHK World:

Doctors at the University of Tokyo Hospital held a news conference on Tuesday to brief reporters on the Emperor’s condition.

They said the Emperor had a mild fever when he entered the hospital on November 6th with bronchitis. He was scheduled to leave last Friday, but was unable to do so because his fever had returned.

The doctors said the Emperor’s temperature is still high and he has lost his appetite.

They also said he may be developing bronchitis again or have a new infection of his respiratory system, so they are giving him other types of antibiotics.
The medical team declined to specify how much longer the Emperor will have to stay in hospital, but said that even if he can be discharged in a week or so, they want him to rest until the end of the month. source

Click here to watch a video news report (it’s in English).

Photo courtesy of: Daylife/Reuters