Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco to Visit Australia

As you may or may not know by now Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco will visit Australia next year.  The purpose of the princess’s visit down under is to officially open the exhibition, Grace Kelly: Style Icon, at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

In a recent interview with Rob and Pete from Riviera Radio, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II noted that he would be unable to attend due to a prior commitment (he will participate in an environmental conference in France.) The prince also noted that Princess Charlene will be accompanied by one of her sisters-in-law, Princess Caroline of Hanover or Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

Princess Charlene will open the exhibition, Grace Kelly: Style Icon, on March 10, 2012.

To learn more about the Bendigo Art Gallery and the exhibition please visit their official website here.  If you are interested in seeing this exhibit tickets are now on sale.

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His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain’s Son-in-Law to Ordered to Testify in Court

On December 29, 2011, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain’s son-in-law, Inaki Urdangarin, was ordered to appear in court in Palma, Majorca on February 6, 2012 to testify “…as a suspect in a high-profile corruption probe…”

Mr.Urdangarin is “…being investigated over claims he misused public funds given to a foundation he ran” an accusation which he firmly denies.

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Sources: BBC and the Associated Press

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Finances for the Spanish Royal Family Have Been Released

The palace released detailed information regarding the members of the Spanish royal family’s finances on Wednesday, December 28, 2011.  His Majesty King Juan Carlos I earns $382,597 a year and His Royal Highness Prince Felipe of Asturias earns $191,297. The palace said that of His Majesty’s gross income, just under half was his personal salary and the rest was designated for expenses. The king pays 40% in tax on the total sum.

Her Majesty Queen Sofia and Their Royal Highnesses Princess Cristina, Princess Elena and Princess Letizia receive $483,553. The palace is assigned an annual budget by Parliament which totaled $11 million in 2011.

Source: The Associated Press

Photo courtesy of Casa de Su Majestad el Rey

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’10 ans de règne du Grand-duc Henri de Luxembourg’ (VIDEO)

Here is an old video news segment from the program, Place Royale, regarding His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg entitled, 10 ans de règne du Grand-duc Henri de Luxembourg. Click the link below to watch.

10 ans de règne du Grand-duc Henri de Luxembourg

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‘Leopold III, la chute d’un Roi’: A Documentary About King Leopold III of Belgium

Here is the documentary entitled, Leopold III, la chute d’un Roi.  The series discusses the reign of the late king of Belgium and the crisis generated by his return after World War II.

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The Members of the Spanish Royal Family Attend the Opening of the Tenth Legislature Parliament in Madrid (VIDEO)

On December 27, 2011, Their Majesties King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia of Spain along with Their Royal Highnesses Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Asturias attended the opening of the Tenth Legislature Parliament in Madrid, Spain.

Upon their arrival the royal foursome were received by the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, and the Chief of State of Defense, Julio Rodríguez Fernández.

Once inside the Spanish Parliament building His Majesty King Juan Carlos I delivered a speech in front of 350 deputies and 264 senators elected by the popular vote in the recent November 20, 2011 elections.

To watch a video as well as to view photos please click the links below:

Photo courtesy of Casa de Su Majestad el Rey

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H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh Released From the Hospital (VIDEOS)

His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh has been released from Papworth Hospital this morning looking cheerful as ever. The duke was admitted last Friday after suffering from chest pains.  During his stay at the hospital the duke had surgery to fix a blocked artery.

Upon the Duke of Edinburgh’s release from Papsworth Hospital a palace spokesmen noted that the 90-year old duke was “…very much looking forward to rejoining his family.” 

To view photos as well as to watch another video please click the links below:

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Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands Expresses Her Concerns for the Environment in Her Annual Christmas Speech (VIDEO)

Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands delivered her annual Christmas speech on December 25, 2011 where she expressed her concerns for the future of the environment (rough translation):

Christmas, the festival of light in darkness, raises the expectation of peace and goodwill. Just today, the desire to help us be accompanied feelings of discontent and uneasiness to overcome us and to work for a living in harmony with fellow human beings and nature.

Many in our world live in tension and uncertainty about existence. Anxiety and concern for the morrow dominate in Europe and in our country. Care is not just about individual welfare but the welfare of all and the stewardship of the earth. With our precious planet is handled carelessly and what they give us is poorly distributed. Poverty and inequality affect the quality of life and threaten social solidarity. Selfishness and the desire to create abundance blind to damage to our natural environment and undermine community. View of the finiteness of what the earth can give, and on the sustainability of society searching.

No country can benefit from it when people only focus on personal gain. In determining the value of all funds should be more than just money. Sigh money and enrich themselves distort the purpose of the economy. To the distress of those who do not speak for themselves can not be ignored. Everyone should be able to participate in wealth-sharing so that human welfare is always connected to the public interest. Moreover, in every decision the quality of the future count. Which lies in protecting nature and the environment, respect for the cultural heritage and recognition of the intangible values that give meaning to civilization. The decisions that are made now is the life of those who come after us in the game, therefore no one should close their eyes. With knowledge and information we can arm ourselves. This fear may not be the motive, but a new sense of universal responsibility.

In the Earth Charter is worded this principle: “The earth, our home is a unique community. The global natural environment with its finite resources is everyone’s concern. Protecting the vitality, diversity and beauty of the earth is a holy mission. ” “Sustainability” is called today. This requires not only new requirements and rules for sustainability but also consciously dealing with all that nature gives us. The earth that nourishes life but can not speak for themselves, must voice. In all small and large decisions that will have to be reflected.

Encouraging the many initiatives for good intentions into practice. Economical use of energy and water is available to all. Critical awareness and buy show the whole range of goods and services to influence. Entrepreneurs focus more and more responsible production and take into account the climatic effects. Many people work towards the conservation and teach children closely at the irreplaceable treasures of the earth. For the connection between agriculture and environment put many will enthusiastically. In all these possibilities, we can address each other. Old and new media information and call us to take responsibility, each at their own level. What starts in the small can grow into a new culture of concern for the future. Who wants to change the world, must simply begin with himself.

All those hopeful inspire change from society get less attention in the news than worrying about money and good. A diffuse sense of unease characterizes the confidence crisis of our time. In daily work is often a shortage of experienced vision and ideals. Lack of space for individual responsibility discourages its use. Feelings of anger and powerlessness call aversion to rhetoric and rules. But fight or flight overlooking reform of structures and lifestyles. The challenge is to do something themselves, along with others and involvement in the community. Everywhere people are already taking their own initiatives to a more conscious way of life. This offers hope for a new perspective. It is the youngsters who encourage us to do so today. The force of conviction, courage and confidence they seek allies and inspire their environment with a positive momentum.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: ‘The earth has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed.’ As creatures endowed with reason and conscience may be requested from us that we translate this into daily care for the earth and commitment to a just society. Connection with the neighbor and the world around us is Jesus himself lived. The message of peace and goodwill to our Christmas uittillen above the fear and uncertainty of these times. Let us say what we hope and do what we can.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas!

To watch a video of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix’s speech please click the link below:

Kersttoespraak Koningin in 2011 

Photo courtesy of Het Koninklijk Huis

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