‘H.R.H. Prince Charles at 60: The Passionate Prince’

In honor of the Prince of Wales’s birthday, which was yesterday, I thought I would post a link to the documentary, H.R.H. Prince Charles at 60: The Passionate Prince for all of you to enjoy. Yes, I know this BBC documentary is three years old, but that’s okay.   🙂

For a year, BBC cameras have filmed the Prince of Wales at home, abroad, at work and on duty. Now, for the first time, we can see and hear for ourselves the private and passionate man behind the controversy and the headlines.
As the Prince of Wales turns 60, he has defied convention to become one of Britain’s most outspoken and prolific campaigners, as well as being a businessman, ambassador for Britain and a father.This revealing film goes behind the closed doors of the Prince’s world and gives us the chance to make up our own minds about the man who, one day, will be king.

Click the links below to watch:

  1. Part One 
  2. Part Two 
  3. Part Three 
  4. Part Four 
  5. Part Five 
  6. Part Six

And, another documentary about The Queen Mother.  Click here to watch the documentary.